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Game Day Wings


Football season just isn’t the same without a big platter of wings. It’s our go-to tailgate food because wings can be made in so many different ways to cater to every individual’s taste preferences. They’re juicy, and crispy (there’s a higher skin to meat ratio on a chicken wing), and oh-so-delicious. Plus, wings are just so satisfying to eat!

Like we said—there are a million ways to make wings. After all, there are whole restaurants dedicated to chicken wings! But we want to know your preference. What’s your favorite flavor of wing? Oh, and we’ve got to know—what’s your dipping sauce of choice? Classic blue cheese? Ranch? Something custom of your own making? Let us know in the comments section below!

Whether you like buffalo wings or lime-marinated, just a little heat to spiciness that’s ringing the alarms, or anything in between, Paula’s got game day wing recipes that will have you shouting “TOUCHDOWN!” with every bite. Now what are you waiting for? Stock up on those wet naps, and get to eating, y’all!

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