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Game Day Food on a Budget


Football in the South is practically a religion for some—every Sunday (and Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Monday) fans set up shop in front of their television or in stadiums to cheer on their favorite teams (go, Dawgs!). Of course, no game day is complete without a delicious spread, but a full spread shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg—we’ll be needing those arms and legs to toss the pigskin and kick in a field goal in case our teams ever need our expertise! That leaves us with needing game day food on a budget, and, boy, does Paula have some great budget-friendly football food recipes!

These Southern tailgate recipes are crowd-pleasers and pocketbook-pleasers, as they all call for relatively limited ingredients and altogether inexpensive ingredients. So, whether you’re looking for football finger food recipes or easy football recipes dips, you’re sure to find some great options here on

Do you have some great football food ideas to share? We could always use more game day recipes, so let us know your budget-friendly options in the comments below! Happy tailgating!

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