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Easy Thanksgiving Desserts Recipes


Thanksgiving dinner has to be the best meal of the year. With a delicious turkey, rich stuffing, and endless casseroles and side dishes, there’s so much to love. Of course, every good meal should end on a high sweet note, and Thanksgiving is certainly no exception. And while Thanksgiving desserts are always good, do you know what’s even better? Easy Thanksgiving desserts recipes, of course!

And while the time and effort savings are great and the tastes are fantastic, do you know what else we love? That while making these easy Thanksgiving dessert recipes, we can also make some new traditions! Consider getting the younger generations in the kitchen a day or two before the big event to help put these together. We have recipes that are suitable for a variety of ages, so let’s start their passion for creating culinary masterpieces early with these easy Thanksgiving desserts.

While pies tend to get all the love at Thanksgiving, and, boy, does Paula have some delicious and easy Thanksgiving pie recipes, she also has some great alternative easy Thanksgiving recipes desserts. The flavors of desserts are Thanksgiving are absolutely wonderful. Of course, pumpkin and pecan are traditional staples, we also can’t get enough of other fall flavors, like apple, sweet potato, toffee, cranberry, and rum!

What are your go-to Thanksgiving desserts? We’d love to hear—leave us a comment below. Happy Thanksgiving, y’all!

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