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Easy Mother’s Day Recipes

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Try these easy Mother’s Day recipes are all excellent ways to show Mom you care. After all, moms do so much! From chauffeur to chef, therapist to personal shopper, they really deserve more than one day that celebrates them, don’t you think? Well, if we can’t lobby Congress to make Mother’s Month a national holiday, we can at least make Mother’s Day the very best for those very special ladies in our lives.

A great way to start is by taking over in the kitchen! You don’t even need incredible culinary skills to create a wow-worthy Mother’s Day menu for mom. These easy recipes are all excellent ways to show mom you care. After all, the quickest way to a mom’s heart is by taking over her chores through her stomach. That’s how that old saying goes, right?

While Paula has thousands more easy Mother’s Day recipes that your mom is sure to love, we’ve compiled some great options for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and, most importantly, dessert. See how easy we’ve made it for you to cook up something special for mom? Simple recipes you don’t even have to look for yourself!

Now treat your mother to a day she won’t soon forget. Happy Mother’s Day, moms!

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