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Easter Small Bites


We love Easter supper—it’s been a few months since we were able to enjoy a big holiday feast, and, boy, are we ready! Of course, dinnertime can’t come soon enough. We really like to avoid eating big meals before the main event, so we’ve taken to preparing finger foods to enjoy throughout the day.

Now, we’re not suggesting that you make all of these, as you surely wouldn’t be hungry by dinnertime if you did, but we like to choose about three to four to make and serve over the course of the day. It helps to curb those grumbly tummies without being too filling to enjoy the ham, green beans, and squash casserole that are coming your way later! Your family will love the opportunity to try some new yummy appetizers, and you’ll love that they aren’t fighting “hanger” or full bellies come suppertime. Happy Easter, and happy eating!

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