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Dress Up with Paula Deen for Halloween!

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From the very first of October, I start thinkin’ about what I want to be for Halloween. Now I know Halloween is mostly for the little ones, and I’m no spring chicken, but ever since my grandchildren were born, I’ve had a renewed spirit about this playful holiday. They get such a kick outta their “Guinny” dressing up in a costume and walkin’ door-to-door with them. And I’ll do just about anything to put smiles on their little faces. Course, it helps that I don’t embarrass easily. I never did understand folks who’ll show up to a costume party in plain clothes and carrying a ball in hopes of passing as an athlete. For a costume to work, you’ve got to take some risks—and have a little fun.

Years ago, one of my best friends Donna Foltz and I thought we’d pair up on a costume idea. We decided that one of us would dress up like ladies of a less likable variety: witches. She chose to be a classic witch in The Wizard of Oz style, and I opted to be the Ice Queen—all cold, unapproachable, and downright mean. We took this as an opportunity to live outside the box, so to speak, since neither of us is “witchy” by nature. I don’t know about y’all, but I think costumes are always more fun when you do ‘em with someone else, like the year Michael and I dressed up like a slice of bread and a stick of butter (y’all can guess who was the butter).

Since Donna and I were so unrecognizable with these Halloween looks, I thought I’d share a helpful how-to for recreating these Halloween makeup looks. First up, we’ll start with my Ice Queen makeup tutorial.

For the Ice Queen, you’ll need:

  • Ice FX Pro Makeup Kit from which includes Ice Gel, Medium sized Ice Cyrstals, Large sized Ice Cyrstals, Ice Powder
  • Ben Nye Aqua Glitter
  • Mehron Metallic Powder in Silver
  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation in White
  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Blue
  • Halloween Glitter Lashes, upper & lower
  • Le Stat Contacts purchased from
  1. Apply the white foundation color over the entire face and neck.
  2. Apply a shimmery light blue shadow to base of eye from lash line to crease.
  3. Apply a blue glitter color to eyebrows extending upwards at the end.
  4. Intensify blue shadow at outer corner with a bright aqua blue color.
  5. Apply lashes to upper lids. I used a strip of lashes with white & silver glitter found at a Halloween shop.
  6. Apply bottom lashes.
  7. Apply a thin layer of ice gel to entire forehead and up into hairline and rest of face wherever ice crystals are desired.
  8. Apply multiple layers of medium & large ice crystals on top of ice gel over entire face.
  9. Apply lipstick in bright blue or desired color and insert special effects contacts of choice.

For Donna’s Green Witch makeup, you’ll need:

  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Green from Ben Nye Death Wheel
  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Dark Brown & Black
  • Ben Nye Cream Foundation in Black
  • Prosthetic Witch Nose & Chin from any Halloween store
  • Black Eyelashes
  1. Apply green cream foundation to entire face & neck
  2. Apply dark brown cream foundation to creases of face from forehead to neck
  3. Draw black eyebrows on face
  4. Apply spirit gum to the face where nose prosthetic will be attached.
  5. Apply spirit gum to edge of nose prosthetic where nose will attach to face.
  6. Let spirit gum dry and then apply more of green cream foundation at adhesion mark.
  7. Apply prosthetic chin in same manner as the nose.
  8. Apply green shadow or desired color to eye area from lash line to crease.
  9. Apply a strip of black eyelashes.
Paula Deen - As a young girl growing up in Albany, Georgia, Paula Deen never dreamed she would become an American icon. As a young mother, Paula was living the American dream — married to her high school sweetheart and raising two adorable boys — when tragedy struck. Her parents died, her marriage failed and she began a prolonged battle with agoraphobia. With her boys in their teens and her family near homelessness, Paula took her last $200, reached deep inside her soul and started The Bag Lady, a home-based catering company that marked the start of Deen's professional cooking career. With sons Jamie and Bobby delivering lunch-and-love-in-a-bag, beginning in June 1989, Paula turned her life around by sharing what she knew best, traditional Southern cooking.