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Don’t Like Pie on Thanksgiving? These Desserts Are for You!


For many folks, Thanksgiving wouldn’t be the same without the pies: pumpkin, apple and pecan, especially. But there are people who really don’t care for pie, while others just crave variety and get tired of making the same things year after year, despite tradition.

Of course, even if you plan on baking a pie or three, you can still mix in some other treats just for the fun of it! We’ve pulled together over 30 of Paula’s best non-pie recipes, from her Aunt Trina’s Pumpkin Crunch to simple and sweet Baked Apples. Most of the recipes do include one or more traditional Thanksgiving flavors, including cranberry, pecan, pumpkin and apple. There are cookies, cakes and puddings, but no pies in sight — well, except for the whoopie pies, but those aren’t pies in the traditional sense!

Get the recipes for seasonal non-pie treats here: Thanksgiving Desserts, Hold The Pie

What’s your favorite Thanksgiving dessert?