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Dog Days of Summer

Tags: family, pets

You know, in my home, the whole family loves some good old-fashioned home cookin’, but my home cookin’ isn’t just for Michael, Jamie, and Bobby. In our family, our pets are a big part of our family, and our family surely has no shortage of pets! Of course, Michael and I have Ladybird, Pumpkin, Gus, Max, Lulu, some chickens, and birds. Jamie and Brooke have two dogs, Chase and Poppy, and Bobby and Claudia have two dogs, Coco and Mani.

And since we’re officially in the dog days of summer, I figured it was the perfect time to share with y’all about the launch of my brand-new Paula Deen’s Home Cookin’ Recipes for Dogs. Paula Deen’s Home Cookin’ is full of the good stuff. Each recipe is made with real meat, like chicken, beef, or salmon, as the very first ingredient, and they’re never made with fillers, artificial flavors or preservatives. Plus, I’ve even developed grain-free recipes and a special oven-baked salmon recipe with nutrient-dense, slow baked kibble that was made is small batches. Of course, that one’s Gus’ favorite!

Paula Deen’s Home Cookin’ Recipes for Dogs is the food I keep in my home, but I like to reward my dogs with some extra goodies too. That’s why I’ve developed a line of soft chewy dog treats and grain-free jerky too! They’re a big hit with all the dogs in the family. After all, even the four-legged members of our family deserve some good ol’ home cookin’.

Paula Deen's Home Cookin' Recipes for Dogs


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