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DIY Holiday Cinnamon Stick Candle


Who doesn’t love a cozy candle this time of year? To really light up your holiday season, follow our cinnamon stick candle how-to, and let it glow!

Step 1: First, gather all your materials. You’ll need a hot glue gun and sticks, pretty ribbon or twine, long cinnamon sticks, small decorative embellishments (like pinecones, small ornaments, or freshly cut holly), and a candle. You should be able to pick up all supplies with one stop at your local craft store.

Step 2: Carefully glue the cinnamon sticks together around the base of the candle.

Step 3: Continue gluing the cinnamon sticks around the base of the candle, using various sizes for a more interesting look and feel.

Step 4: Tie a ribbon or some twine around the middle of the candle. We used vintage Christmas ribbons we found at a yard sale. Feel free to get creative here—burlap, twine, and baker’s ribbon all look great.

Step 5: Add your favorite embellishment to the center of the ribbon.

These make perfect and inexpensive gifts for your friends and family. Happy crafting, y’all!


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