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Bacon Me Crazy: 15 Bacon Recipes


When it comes to food, we tend to be a little more passionate about food than your average Joe. But there is one thing you all may love just as much as we do—BACON RECIPES! We’re crazy for it, and we know you are too. Its salty, smoky flavors bring so much to just about every dish, whether sweet or savory. It’s great on a doughnut or with a little cayenne and brown sugar. It’s delicious wrapped around steak, chicken, or veggies. It’s the ultimate sidekick to eggs and waffles. There’s just nothing it can’t improve, it seems!

Because we’re not ones to shy away from a little crazy, we figured we’d indulge our bacon cravings with a collection of yummy-in-our-tummy bacon-y dishes. Be sure to let us know your favorite bacon recipes in the comments because we’d love to expand our bacon usage!

Featured Recipes