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9 Spring Salads


Spring is officially here, and along with chirping birds, drizzling rain, cool breezes, and blooming flowers, we’re welcoming these delicious spring salads back into our lives! While springtime doesn’t mean we are cutting out our favorite comfort foods, but most of us are at least cutting back on them (we’re following Paula’s lead on enjoying it in moderation). There’s just something about warmer weather that makes us enjoy lighter dishes a bit more. Maybe it’s because we don’t need as much help warming up or maybe we’re subconsciously counting the days until swimsuit season—either way, we know what we’re craving, and these salads are it!

Broccoli, strawberries, peaches, cucumbers, and blue crab are delicious year-round, but in the springtime, we especially love them featured in a salad. Sure we enjoy a simple garden salad with your standard lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and croutons, but as nature starts brightening up with the beautiful flowers of springtime, we find ourselves following suit in the kitchen. These beautiful, colorful salads are chock-full of nutrients and flavor—you just can’t lose!

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