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9 Restaurant-Style Recipes You Can Make at Home


What’s your favorite restaurant? Is it a charming Thai eatery, the BBQ joint down the street, a hip new taqueria, or the quaint seafood restaurant with the fresh catch of the day? Have you ever tried making their dishes at home? Sometimes it can be tough to emulate those delicious recipes, but you don’t have to go out on the town to enjoy a restaurant-quality meal! In fact, with a little help from Paula, you can create restaurant-style recipes right in your own kitchen. From wow-worthy pancakes to and kid-approved chicken fingers to crab-stuffed flounder and cuisine from around the world, the options are endless!

Paula has recipes for restaurant-worthy steak dishes, decadent seafood pasta dishes, flavorful pad Thai, and even the ever-popular-with-the-kids chicken fingers. They’ll have you skipping the reservations and planning a delicious meal at home. Now, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get cooking!

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