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9 Ice Cream Treats


Do you all remember the excitement you would feel whenever you’d hear the tune emanating from the ice cream truck as it ventured through your neighborhood? Your mouth would start watering, and you’d be filled with anticipation as you frantically searched for enough pocket money to get your favorite ice cream treat.

While the ice cream truck doesn’t come around as often as we remember these days, the fun music floating through the neighborhood on the days it makes an appearance brings a wave of nostalgia along with it. And though you won’t find us chasing after that truck anymore, we still crave those deliciously creamy confections.

Over the years, we’ve learned we can save that pocket money by making wonderful ice cream treats at home, including floats, shakes, ice cream sandwiches, and just a classic scoop. We can make enough for the whole family for the price of one or two sweets, and we’re always in favor of extra value! Get some of our favorite homemade ice cream treat recipes below, and if you have a recipe you’re willing to share with us, please leave it in the comments below!

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