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9 Easy Frozen Vegetable Recipes


If you’re anything like us, you always have some frozen veggies taking up space in your freezer. Instead of simply sautéing them, we’ve got better plans in mind! Why not get creative with them, right?

We love frozen vegetables for myriad reasons. First of all, frozen veggies are chock-full of nutritional value. They have nearly as many nutrients as fresh and, oftentimes, more if your fresh produce is, well, not so fresh. We (and our wallets) also love that they are typically less expensive than buying fresh produce. It seems like they’re almost always on sale in our favorite grocery stores!

Another thing to love is the convenience. Not only are they available year-round, but they’re almost always prepped and cut already, saving on valuable time that we’d rather be spending with our family as we sit around the table (or on the couch watching Netflix—no judgment here!).

Since they are so healthy, affordable, and convenient, we are always looking for more recipes that use frozen vegetables. Today, we are sharing 9 of our favorite easy frozen vegetable recipes with y’all. And we hope to hear from you with your favorite frozen vegetable recipes too! Just leave a comment with your go-to recipes with frozen veggies. Happy cooking!

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