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Warm Up with These 7 Hot Cider Recipes for Fall


Hot cider recipes are perfect for helping you cozy up with something warm and sweet while the weather gets chillier! Sure, you could buy a pre-made cider and heat it up straight out of the jug, but isn’t it better to try to make your own or even jazz one up to better suit your tastes? We sure think so!

Paula has some great cider recipes that run the fruity gamut, from apple, pear, and cranberry to lemon and mixed fruit. Not only do these homemade cider recipes taste incredible, but they also act as a kind of potpourri. As they warm in your kitchen, the incredible fragrance of the fruits and spices will fill your home with all the best scents of fall!

If you want to learn how to make apple cider at home, check out Paula’s great homemade hot cider recipes below. We promise they help make a cool fall night a whole lot cozier! Which cider recipe will you make? Be sure to let us know in the comments!

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