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6 Southern Grill Recipes


When people think of Southern food, most people automatically think of fried foods and heavy comfort foods. And while those types of food certainly have a place in the Southern kitchen from time to time, Southern cooking is so much more than that.

The South is famous for more than just fried chicken and chicken pot pies! You can’t forget about the Po’ Boys of Louisiana, the coast’s incredible fresh oysters, Georgia peaches, barbecue, and those sweet Vidalia onions, just to name a few! And thanks to our warmer weather throughout most of the year, the grill has contributed quite a bit to Southern food, as well, and these grilling recipes all have a distinctive Southern flair!

Let us know what Southern dishes you’d like to see a grilled version of in the comments section. Now, go enjoy these Southern grill recipes, y’all. Happy grilling!

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