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6 Easy Family Meals Everyone Will Love


Family dinner seems to be a bit of a lost art form—with kids in extracurricular activities, work running late, and everyone on seemingly opposite schedules, it can be hard to find the time! What some of us on the Deen Team have started doing is carving out one night a week that is reserved for family time.

We’ve also started making family dinner a family affair from start to finish! We’re inviting the kids into the kitchen to help us make the meals! We’ve found that even our pickiest eaters are more likely to eat their supper if they had a hand in making it. Plus, they can start learning a valuable life skill—cooking! Your kids will be glad they learned the difference between boiling and blanching and mixing and whipping once they leave the nest. You know, even Paula got her skills by cooking with her mother and grandmothers! You just may be sparking a passion in the next Paula Deen with this new tradition.

Everyone will love making and eating these easy family meals. What easy recipes do you like to make for or with your family? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured Recipes