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5 Reasons to Treat Your Valentine to a Romantic Dinner In


Valentine’s Day is nearly here, and if you’re like a lot of folks, you’re likely scrambling to make those last-minute Valentine’s Day dinner reservations at a fancy restaurant. Well, put that phone down because we’re about to share five reasons why a romantic dinner for two at home can be a great alternative to an evening on the town.

1. Save money. Dining out at a fancy-shmancy restaurant is pricey! Instead of shelling out a couple hundred dollars on a meal out, make a meal plan of your own and head to the grocery store to get the ingredients for a knock-out, homemade meal. Then, take the money you saved and plan something special like a couple’s massage or add it to your vacation fund for future fun! Just think of what you could do on the wine savings alone.

2. Pre-fixe menus. On restaurants’ most popular evenings, like Valentine’s Day, many places opt for pre-fixe menus to expedite things for the kitchen. While it’s great for the restaurant, it can be a real bummer if your favorite steakhouse or seafood spot doesn’t have you or your sweetie’s favorite dishes on the menu. We prefer getting what we want, don’t you?

3. Have it your way. Don’t get us wrong—we’ve been to restaurants that prepare foods in ways we hadn’t thought of that are absolutely out of this world. But sometimes you just know what foods you like and what foods bring back wonderful memories. The great thing about dining in with your sweetie is that you can make exactly what you both like, how you like it. And since you made it yourself, you know you won’t have to send back that dish because they forgot to leave out the onions.

4. More intimate. Chances are, you’re looking for a little romance on Valentine’s Day. You know what is a romance killer? That couple at the next table who hasn’t grasped the concept of “inside voices,” the cheesy playlist, and the constant interruptions from your attentive wait staff. Eating at home is less crowded, less noisy, and way cozier.

5. Something special from the heart. Our very favorite reason to treat your Valentine to a romantic dinner at home is because it shows that you put a lot of thought, time, and effort into creating a special evening for the two of you—way more thought than making a reservation! Plus, if it’s something the two of you enjoy doing together, you can even make cooking the meal a part of the date!

Whether you choose to celebrate at a restaurant or at home, we hope your Valentine’s Day is full of romance, love, and plenty of good food. Happy Valentine’s Day!


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