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5 Must-Have Hot Cocoa Recipes


This time of year, whether you’re experiencing chilly weather or not, there are few drinks that warm up our hearts better than a rich, creamy mug of hot chocolate. This decadent drinkable treat is beloved by the young and the young-of-heart, and honestly, who can blame us?

Hot cocoa has been consumed since as early as 500BC by the Mayans (though it’s changed a lot in terms of ingredients and flavor since then), largely by their wealthiest. Today, people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and means drink hot chocolate by the mugful, especially around the holidays. It’s just the thing to warm up those fingers after a day building a snowman or shoveling driveways, and it’s equally as nice paired with a plate of homemade cookies when you’re already warm and cozy.

We’ve got five deliciously rich iterations, including white hot chocolate and coconut hot chocolate, plus a frozen version for our friends in warmer climates. Which recipe will your family love most? Let us know in the comments below.

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