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12 Summer Squash Recipes


Our gardens are bursting at the seams right now, and one of the veggies we’re most excited to harvest is the delicious yellow squash! “Why so excited” you ask? That’s because this pretty yellow garden staple is a summertime powerhouse!

The yellow summer squash has plenty of vitamins A and C plus potassium, meaning it supports bone health and a healthy immune system and helps regulate your heartbeat and metabolize carbohydrates, among many other things. It’s also high in fiber, which aids in digestion and managing blood sugar levels, and has natural anti-inflammatory qualities. Sounds pretty great, right? Just keep in mind that most of the nutrients are in the skin, so don’t peel them first!

But the wonder that is the yellow squash is not just about what it does have—it’s also about what it doesn’t have! The yellow squash has little to no fat, sodium, or cholesterol. Plus, it’s a low-carb veggie and is low in calories too—we’re talking around 20 calories per cup!

Are you sold yet on just how great this summer staple is? Good! Now let’s get cooking with it, shall we? Whether you eat it raw, sauté it, grill it, bake, fry it, or prepare it any which way, it’s sure to be delicious. If you could use a little inspiration, check out the 12 summer squash recipes below; then, share a comment with us on your favorite way to eat yellow squash.

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