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12 Recipes to Celebrate National Slow Cooking Month


January is National Slow Cooking Month, and it’s a celebration of one of our very favorite kitchen appliances!

The slow cooker is a kitchen superhero. It’s a time-saver, and we could all stand to save a little (or a lot of) time. Not only can we typically dump our ingredients in and set it and forget it, but we also save time when it comes to washing dishes because, often, slow cooker recipes are one-pot meals. Plus, if you’re slow cooking in the summer months, you’ll appreciate that it doesn’t heat up the kitchen the same way the stove or the oven does.

While we love making soups and stews (we’re sharing a few slow cooker soup and stew recipes below), we also enjoy making meatballs, ribs, pulled pork, and a whole lot more in our slow cookers.

If you’re as big of fans of slow cookers as we are, let us know your favorite recipes to make in the comments below.

Happy National Slow Cooking Month!

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