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12 Grill-Free Recipes for Memorial Day


While we typically think of Memorial Day as the start of grilling season, you shouldn’t have to have a grill to enjoy good food during the three-day weekend. After all, not everyone can afford to buy a grill, is allowed to have one at their home, or has easy access to a grill!

That said, you can still enjoy those recipes traditionally cooked on a grill or in a smoker by utilizing your oven, skillets, broiler, and slow cookers. So today we are sharing great BBQ recipes without a grill, burger recipes without a grill, and more. Now what are y’all waiting for? Let’s get cooking!

And, though we love good food, let us not forget what Memorial Day is truly about—honoring the sacrifices of so many members of our armed forces to protect the country we love. Our gratitude is immeasurable!

For those of you who won’t be grilling for Memorial Day, what Memorial Day recipes without a grill are your go-tos?

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