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12 Easy Thanksgiving Appetizers


If ever there was a food holiday, it would undoubtedly be Thanksgiving. It arguably is the best spread of the year, and people wait all day until the food is finally on the table at dinnertime. If you’re anything like us, you probably avoid all other meals that day to save room for the main event; however, over the years, we’ve learned it’s important to stave off the “hanger” (angry feelings caused by hunger) by enjoying small bites throughout the day. That’s where these easy Thanksgiving appetizer recipes come in handy!

Likely you’ve already planned an elaborate meal for Thanksgiving, and the thought of adding a few Thanksgiving appetizers to the mix may feel overwhelming. That’s why every one of these Thanksgiving appetizer recipes is simple and easy to delegate to those who refuse to leave the kitchen without offering a bit of help. Plus, as a bonus, many of these will keep just fine sitting out for a bit if you’re entertaining guests throughout the day. Set them out in the living room & dining room, and they’ll keep people satisfied and out of your way!

Do you typically serve appetizers on Thanksgiving? If so, what do you typically serve? Will you be trying any of these easy Thanksgiving appetizers? Let us know in the comments below!

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