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12 Classic Southern Cooking Recipes


If there’s one thing Paula knows it’s classic Southern cuisine! It’s what she built her business on, it’s what she loves, and it’s what she owes so much to—down-home Southern cooking recipes.

While we love how comforting and relatively inexpensive it is to cook, one of the very best parts of Southern food is that it’s centered around family. For us, you can’t extricate one from the other—they just go hand-in-hand. Even Paula’s restaurants are centered around family—from opening Bag Lady and The Lady & Sons with Jamie & Bobby to creating the Paula Deen’s Family Kitchen restaurants that serve up family-style meals.

So next time you gather around the dinner table with your loved ones, consider serving up food that shows how much you care. Give some of these classic Southern cooking recipes a try. Your family will love these dishes, and, most importantly, they’ll know how much you love all of them.

Watch Paula make her famous Chicken & Dumplings here:

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