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10 Ways to Make Mom Feel Special on Mother’s Day


Moms—they really deserve more than a day, don’t they? While we always try to let the mothers in our lives know how much they’re appreciated, we try extra hard to show her how much we care on Mother’s Day! Coming up with a thoughtful way to show mom how much we care can be a challenge, so we’ve put together some of our favorite ways to shower mom with affection.

  1. Feed her! Whether it’s by taking her out to her favorite restaurant (or one she’s been dying to try) or, even better, cooking a thoughtful meal full of her favorite dishes, it will leave both her heart and her stomach happy.
  2. Plan a family photo session or maybe one for just you and her. Get silly in front of the camera, and you’ll have more than just the memory of your day together—you’ll have something tangible to share with her. Plus, as a bonus, you can relive the day all over again when the proofs come in!
  3. Treat her to breakfast in bed! Sleeping in and not having to cook breakfast? Most moms can’t think of a better gift!
  4. Show mom how much you appreciate her by taking some of the stress off mom’s shoulders! Fill up her gas tank, do the grocery shopping, clean the house—when you handle some of these simple but burdensome tasks like these, she’ll appreciate your appreciation!
  5. Experience something new together! Experiences have a way of bonding people together, so take a hot air balloon ride, go to a concert, skydive, or take a cooking class together, and you’ll create memories to last for a lifetime.
  6. Every mom has a honey-do list. Consider tackling a big project on the list that she’ll be so thrilled to see completed. We’re talking cleaning the garage, organizing a closet, or maybe even a woodworking project.
  7. Plan a party for her and the other special moms in her life—her mom, her sister, her best friend, and, of course, those moms’ children. She’ll adore being surrounded by her closest loved ones.
  8. Whisk mom around the town with a day filled with her favorite activities. Soak in some quality time at a spa or a museum together, treat her to a shopping spree, or play a round of tennis with her.
  9. Of course, we can’t forget about the old standby! Treat mom to a gift that is thoughtful and special. Don’t just buy another robe or sweater, unless you know she really wants one. Consider buying her something that she wouldn’t typically buy for herself or something that she’s been talking about for a while. Has she wanted new tableware? Does she have an empty place on her wall that she has been wanting to fill? Could she use a day to treat herself? Get personal with it!
  10. And last, but certainly not least, be sure to let her know just how special you think she is. You can write her a letter, make a list of all the reasons you love and appreciate her, or turn it all into a craft project. Just be sure the day doesn’t pass without you taking the time to thank her for being such a thoughtful mother.

How will you be celebrating your mom this Mother’s Day? Or what would you like your family to do to celebrate you? Let us know in the comments below!