Leftover Holiday Eggnog and Breadpudding Cupcakes

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Leftover Holiday Eggnog and Breadpudding Cupcakes Leftover Holiday Eggnog and Breadpudding Cupcakes Recipe Courtesy of

Servings: 18 servings
Difficulty: Easy

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For the Bread Pudding:
5 cups stale bread ripped into small pieces (while any stale bread will do, I used a French bread)
½ cup butter, melted
1 cup sugar
2 teaspoons vanilla extract
2 cups eggnog (eggnog with or without alcohol added will work)
5 eggs

For the Whiskey Sauce:
½ cup sugar
1/4 cup butter
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla
2 tablespoons whiskey

For the Whiskey Whipped Cream:





For the Bread Pudding:
Put bread in a large bowl and mix with melted butter. Mix in all other ingredients. Let sit for at least thirty minutes. Distribute evenly between cupcake liners. Bake at 350 F for 20 minutes.

For the Whiskey Sauce:
Heat sugar, butter, and egg in a small saucepan and stir until fully integrated. Remove from the heat and stir in vanilla and whiskey.

For the Whiskey Whipped Cream:

Whip whipping cream until light and fluffy.
Mix in whiskey sauce until integrated.

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Reader Comments:


Paula you always have such great recipes!!! Hope you an your family had a Merry Christmas!!!! An may you an your family have a Happy New Year!!! God Bless. Hugs, Teresa

By Teresa Garrett on December 26, 2013


These sound so good. I am an Eggnog lover so this would be up my alley. I received 1 Paula Deen family Cookbook, Jamie's and Bobbies as well along with your Calender. Looking forward to using them all. Love and Best Dishes from my kitchen to yours. Merry Christmas and A very Happy, Healthy and Blessed New Year.

By Joyce Henkel on December 26, 2013


Thanks for this. Every year, I receive a bottle of spiked egg nog and since I don't drink, it usually goes to waste. I will try it in this recipe. Sounds wonderful!!

By Jane on December 26, 2013


paula 12-06-12 Your eggnog bread pudding does not tell you how much whipping cream to use. I want to make it tomorrow so please email me back.

By arlene thomas on December 06, 2012


paula your eggnog bread pudding does not have how much whipping cream in the recipe. arlene on december 06 2012

By Anonymous on December 06, 2012


Hi! Can I make and freeze these? Thanks

By jolynn on December 28, 2011


Liann, That would be the Bill Nicholson's Krispy Kreme bread pudding.

By Lisa the Admin on December 17, 2010


My boss told me you make a bread pudding using krispy kreme donuts would you please email it to me

By Liann Johnston on December 17, 2010


Thank you so much for this recipe. I am trying it today.

By lennette_ware@yahoo.com on December 06, 2010

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