Fried Dill Pickles

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Fried Dill Pickles Fried Dill Pickles Recipe Courtesy of

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

1 24-ounce Jar Kosher dill pickle spears or slices
1 tsp garlic powder
1/2 cup Louisiana hot sauce (I like Texas Pete)
1/2 cup buttermilk
1 gal peanut oil
2 cups Uncle Bubba’s Fry Mix





Drain the juice from the pickle jar and refill the jar with the garlic powder, hot sauce, and buttermilk. Marinate the pickles for at least 30 minutes.

In a Dutch oven over medium-high heat, heat the oil to 350 degrees F. Drain the pickles. Put the fry mix in a large mixing bowl, and toss the pickles to coat thoroughly. Shake off the excess mix by tossing lightly in a strainer and deep fry the pickles in batches for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on the size of the spears.

When golden brown, remove the pickles from the oil with a clean strainer or slotted metal spoon and place on paper towels to drain off any excess oil. Serve immediately.

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Reader Comments:


Can't wait to try the deep fried pickles, love them when we eat out! Will try several of the recipes posted here. Thank you

By Katherine on April 09, 2014


really good ya'll should try it it is my favorite thing ya'll come on fried pickles!

By Sophia on February 02, 2014


Paula I think it is horrible the way you have been treated. You are in my thoughts et prays. And if you and/or sons are ever this way. I would love to meet ya'll and cook with you my a You hAve my email & my IPhone is 601-540-3988

By Richard Binford on November 13, 2013


I never tried fried pickles will do tho thnx!!!

By nessie on September 30, 2013


Good recipe.

By Lori on August 31, 2013


Can l make a frying mix with GF FLOUR SO l can make fried pickes. I am on a GF Diet sure would like to make some. Looks very tasteie. Hope to hear from you . Thank You .

By Janie Butler on August 12, 2013


Can't wait to try these. My daughter told me about them and had never heard of them before. will let you know how I like them.

By Kathy on July 19, 2013


Would it be possible to have recipes made with equivant ingredients that we can purchase in australia

By Irene spink on July 14, 2013


fried dill pickles

By Anonymous on April 17, 2013


i have all cookbooks and saw you in nashville . keep up yourgood word.youhave a bless day

By margaret moss on April 10, 2013


OMG. I love fried pickles. It is probably dangerous now that I know how to make them!!!!!!!

By marsha sumal on February 16, 2013


I ADORE fried pickles! Had them at a local wing shop and loved them. I am going to try this to make them at home. So excited! I follow just about everything you and the boys do. So happy to see you are doing well. Do you have any diabetic specific recipes I can try? Learning to cook for my Dad who is a diabetic. Much Love!!!!

By Kirsten Palmer on December 08, 2012


I think they look gross but are very delicious with the sauce

By Zana on October 31, 2012


These look absolutely fantastic - drooling!!

By Vicki Butler-Hagen on October 28, 2012


These look absolutely fantastic - drooling!!

By Vicki Butler-Hagen on October 28, 2012


this is for linda spalding. you can find the recipe for uncle bubba's fry mix. on paula's website. just go to her recipes. type in uncle bubba's fry mix at the top it will take you to the recipe.

By cathy stidham on October 26, 2012


Can i use vegetable oil instead of peanut oil? Also Paula I was soo close to getting to meet my favorit Food Network Star in Washington DC last year at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show but you werent one of the Operation Home Cooking stars :( One day I will make it to a book signing :D

By monkeyshine on October 14, 2012


Paula, You are my hero. I love all your recipes. I would love to come & learn to cook w/you - although I know it is just a dream. I wish you had a contest or somethihng where a home cook could win a cooking lesson or so w/you. Also, my mom used to make what she called "pool room slaw." I don't care for slaw but this was the exception. I can't find a recipe for it & my mom has since passed. If you could help I would be forever in your debt. One of your biggest fans in the great state of Texas. SIncerely - Pam Lippold

By Pam Lippold on August 14, 2012


It would seem that no one is answering the reader comments so I will address a few. To Linda: any prepackaged fish fry mix will work, or you can mix your own using the recipe available from the internet. To Miranda: What a waste, using extra virgin olive oil when pure olive oil is what you use for frying. Extra virgin olive oil breaks down under heat and is for use as a salad oil. Next time use pure olive oil or canola oil. To Tammi: If your son is alergic to peanut oil, use canola oil. It will work just fine. This recipe will also work for fried green tomatoes, another delicious snack or side for burgers or anything grilled.

By Dan on July 22, 2012


You can use zatarans crispy southern fish fry and I also used franks original red hot sauce rather than Texas Pete. We fried them in our Cajun fryer. They were awesome!!

By MiMi on July 15, 2012

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