Gingerbread Hanging Ornaments

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Gingerbread Hanging Ornaments

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

Gingerbread ornaments are a sweet and classic Christmas craft. We like to add their special homemade touch to our Christmas trees, giving them a cozy and delicious yuletide look. Kids love to help bake and decorate the cookies, making this a fun family activity for everyone.  Follow our how-to and decorate your own tree with this adorable edible confection.

imageAfter chilling your dough for at least one hour, let your dough sit out at room temperature for just 10 minutes, so it will be easy to roll and more pliable.  Roll out the dough, between two sheets of parchment (to prevent sticking and to help with the mess) to 1/8 inch thickness. Rolling the dough thin will make a crisper and cookie, more appropriate for a decoration than a thick and chewy cookie.

Cut out your cookie in your desired shape and place on a parchment lined sheet tray. We liked the classic boys and girls but feel free to get creative. We’ve seen cute pigs, stars, trees, and snowmen already this year!

Once the cookies are on the sheet tray, use a clean drinking straw or craft stick to punch a hole out of the raw dough where you want your thread to hang. When making Gingerbread boys or girls, we poked a hole in the top center of the head, giving it a bit extra support while it hangs form the tree.

Bake for the time your recipes states, then allow to cool completely before icing, applying candies, and finally, threading with a decorative string to hang from the tree.

Try this gingerbread recipe for your ornaments!

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Reader Comments:


So Awesome!!!

By dunderwood999 on December 28, 2013


We absolutely love your mac and cheese recipe! We've always accepted that our recipe was good but after eating yours at The Lady and Son's in Savannah we can't get enough of it. Good work girl!!

By Evelyn Rorer on December 05, 2012


Paula, We just moved back home after 13 years, I have 7 grandchildren and we Lived doing the cookie ornaments! Even my last baby 19 had a ball! Thanks for the tip. I am Terminally ill and this was easy for me to do with them. Happy holidays

By Cissi Whitfield on December 01, 2012


I made your banana pudding and pumpkin cheesecake for Thanksgiving! They were delicious. Everyone loved them and they were so easy. I am not a cook, so for me to get raves it was wonderful. Thanks Paula Deen.

By dj thomas on November 26, 2012


were did i get those cutouts? Ive looked everywhere and no luck. and wat if u want the chewy type of g-boys? wat is the recipe for that? by the way ur cornbread stuffing was a hit i uped the amount of eggs a dozen and multiplied the other ingredients to suit my needs but it made even my 85 year old dad that is always stingy with compliments say " ur cooking is improving since last year!" thx girl i needed that from him so bad!

By rosa rendon on December 16, 2011

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