Get Grillin’

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Get Grillin’

Summer is here and the smell of barbecue is in the air! Which makes it time for getting your barbecue grill ready for the season. Some folks will take one look at their grill and decide to just go and buy a new one, mainly because it got put away without any cleaning. Many people don’t realize that it really doesn’t take a whole lot to clean up that old grill once you get started. Just devote a little time and elbow grease to cleaning your grill and you’ll be ready for backyard barbecue parties in no time.

To start getting that grill ready you need to remove anything that is not tied down. From there you can start cleaning the inside of the grill, removing the loose gunk with a stiff wire brush. Then with some soap and water scrub all the burnt on stuff right out of the grill. A water hose can help to quickly rinse the inside of the grill when you are done scrubbing. A light coat of cooking oil sprayed onto the inside of the grill will help prevent any rusting, so that your grill will be usable all season long. Now work on cleaning the parts that you had removed earlier. A sink full of hot soapy water will work best when cleaning these parts. Depending on the condition you may have to let them soak for a while. When they are ready use your wire brush and scrub off all grease and burnt on gunk. Once these are cleaned and rinsed, spray with a light coat of cooking oil and place them back into the grill.  Make sure you pay special attention to the grill grate. A dirty grill great will stick to anything that you place on the grill and rob you of those great grill marks that are the hallmark of the grilling master.

For gas grills, you will want to check all connections and hoses to ensure that there are no leaks. Once you have inspected the grill, you should perform a quick operations test to guarantee that the grill does indeed work. If one or more of your burners doesn’t generate much of a flame then it may be because a gas jet or the venturi tube has become clogged. If these are clogged, turn off the grill and let it cool. Once cool enough to touch you should be able to use a small bit of wire or q-tips to clear the blockage. If your efforts do not clear them, you can buy new ones online. If your gas barbecue grill uses briquettes and you have already got a few seasons out of them it would be a good time to replace them too.

Once you have cleared any blockage you can check all the gas connections by coating them with a 50/50 mix of dish washing liquid and water. If there is a gas leak you will see bubbles forming in the mixture. If tightening the connections or replacing the seals does not cure the problem, then take your grill in for service before using if you feel it is worth whatever minimum charge they may have, or buy that new grill you have been secretly coveting.

While this does not cover all situations, if you follow these simple hints and tips, your barbecue will provide another season of great barbecue. Despite the fact that your grill is freshly cleaned inside where the food goes, if the outside looks dirty this can dampen the appetite… So make sure that you devote time to cleaning up the outside of your grill as well. Once you’ve got your baby all clean inside and out buy a grill cover so it stays clean. A spare propane tank or a propane level indicator is a good idea too, so that you do not run out of fuel while cooking ribs. All that is left to do is invite your friends over for a first day of summer backyard barbecue party.

Thank you to our friends at Weber Grills for donating a Weber One Touch Gold Charcoal Grill. Just leave us a comment and we’ll be picking one lucky winner to ship the grill out to on June 1st.  Limit one entry per IP address. Unfortunately we are limited to shipping to addresses in the United States. Good Luck!

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Reader Comments:

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By Reodolonvign on November 06, 2011

Hi Paula,
What an inspiration you are. Your thoughts and comments make feel like Im home. I grew up in Arkansas. I just found out about you from one of my clients in Crescent City, CA. She carries your products I am writing a commercial for her about your products and Grilling Season.I to am single with two children. Yes you can go after your dreams and make the come true. It takes a lot of hard hard work. My dreams will come true.

By SARAH on June 17, 2009

Hi, Paula,
Thanks for some great grilling ideas.  We love about anything on the grill!  Your basil grilled chicken is a special favorite.  Hey!  A new Weber grill for my husband would look great on the deck he is building…(hint).
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

By Kim on June 17, 2009

Paula, I just love your web site so so much, you are the best, and the dishes I have made my family absolutely love them, keep up the great meals you share with us, Sincerely KC

By KC Vesely on June 17, 2009

I own three different grills. 1.Weber-kettle, 2.Weber-mini kettle, 3.Kingsford-barrel. I can use either individually, or combined for a large event,such as family get together or party.

By Roger- McWherter on June 08, 2009

We love summer grill’n; there is nothing like
grilling your best, especially on a Weber charcoal grill. Ours is used all the time. And getting wobbly.

By Shelley Viktora on June 06, 2009

Use my grill 2-4 times a week year round,its getting old and rusty,could really use a new grill
as its in front of the house and everyone sees it.

By Richard Garnett on June 06, 2009

My husband and I bought a Weber grill when we were first married in 1993. Our friends made comments about our “fancy” grill and they do not spend that much on their grills. We are still using our same grill and love it. It does look a little rough but works great. I bet our friends have had to buy several lower priced grills over the years in which we have owned our one Weber grill.I would love to surprise him and be able to say I won a new grill.

By SHERRI ROGERS on June 05, 2009

It really is true that you can clean your grill over and over and use it forever!  I have had my Weber Charcoal Grill for ten years!  My job, a hospital, bought these grills and would only keep and use them for two years and for safety sake, would replace.  I took one home and have had it ever since, like I said, ten years!!  Love it and would never use any other kind…  keep up the wonderful work Paula!

By Melinda Greene on June 05, 2009

We are serious grillers.  We have 2 gas grills, 2 brinkman smokers and 2 outdoor pits for smores.  In our opinion you can never have enough grills.  Different meats and veggies all grilling at the same time, yum, makes me think I am on the show with Paula every time we have a cookout.  Our home is where the heart for grilling is, always someone dropping by to eat and another grill would just add more food, fun and friends.  Come to Atlanta Paula, you are more than welcome!!!

By Kreg & Jody Simmons on June 04, 2009

Ms. Paula…you are the cats’ meow!  You and my mom are so alike in the kitchen!  It’s a hoot! 

I really, REALLY need a new Weber grill!  The one I have is over 35 years old and literally falling apart…one wheel gone, wood handle disentegrated years ago, rusting out on the bottom but it still works and I bought a new grate this spring!

Please think of me when y’all choose a winner!  Better yet, choose me instead of just thinking about me!  wink  Oh, shoot…this ended two days ago.

By Kimberly on June 03, 2009

My husband never enjoyed grilling although we’ve had a gas grill for years.  All our married life I’ve been envious of our friends who felt so at ease having us over for everything from burgers, pork tenders, ribs, etc. When I asked why they enjoyed grilling so much it came down to one answer.  The Weber grill made it easier, tastier and less hassle.  NOW the children and I are getting him a WEBER grill for Father’s Day. Hooray for us -  we found out the secret!

By Rosie Broome on June 02, 2009

I grill year round, best way to cook! I also watch Paula and her boys year round. One important tip; always clean your grill after use, moisture on the ashes will create acid which will eat up your grill even if made from pipe.
Even breakfast is better on the grill!
Hey Paula, I lived in Savannah as a kid. Went to Isle of Hope school, met Jesus at Cresthill Gardens Baptist Church. Lived on Dutchtown Road. Thanks for entertaining us as well as giving us recipes.

By James R. Hart on June 02, 2009


By Donna D. Lowery on June 02, 2009


By KAREN BLISS on June 02, 2009

Thanks for the tips and recipes.  We love to cook outside instead of heaating up the house.  It’s hot enough here in Texas!  We’ve been buying Webber grills for years and it’s about time to replace the current one.  I’d love to win one!

By Louise L. on June 02, 2009

I’ve been looking and reading about the Weber grill for a while.  The grill I have in my back yard is not a Weber and seen it days.  At this time I can not afford a new one due to economical circumstances.  It will fit perfectly in my back yard with my canvas chairs. 

By R H

By Renee on June 02, 2009

We grill out even in the winter here at our house. I love the taste of grilled food and it keeps me thinking of warmer weather all year long! I hope I can give this weber grill a new home on my covered deck. Thanks for the chance to win!

By Rebecca on May 31, 2009

We have the guy next door that every night all year long he grills out on his charcoal grill of coarse he has one of the biggest, best grills there is. Well right now as I sit entering this contest my husband is trying to get the charcoal grill going, our grill has the bottom rotted out so basically there is no bottom, he took a smaller rack from another grill we had thrown away and put that in bottom so that it holds the charcoal. With one income a new grill is out of our budget.

By Tammy Kennedy on May 31, 2009

A charcoal grill would be the wish,
Of my sweet husband and outdoor guy,
He’s smart and sharp and loves to cook,
He’d grill away, and that’s no lie.

He has ideas of great marinades,
His steaks and burgers are the best,
The shish-kabobs are just amazing,
His recipes top all the rest.

By Elsie on May 31, 2009

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