Corrie’s Kitchen Spa

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Corrie’s Kitchen Spa

By Corrie Hiers

I’m in my late 20’s. A licensed cosmetologist who loves everything about beauty products, hair products and fashion. The thing is, like my other girlfriends, I just can’t afford to buy everything I want.

My aunt Paula always told me stories about putting mayonnaise on her hair when she was my age when she could’t afford a hair conditioner. It sounded so silly when I was younger, but I get it now. A perfect and inexpensive way to make your hair shine, without spending all that money on expensive products. Really, what is mayonnaise anyway…oil and eggs. Great ingredients to condition the hair and make it shine. This got me thinking about other beauty products I could make in the kitchen.

I started giving my “kitchen spa” products to my friends as gifts all packaged up in a pretty container with a super cute ribbon and tag. They all kept raving about them so I gave some to my aunt Paula and she too couldn’t stop raving. She asked me to share them with y’all here. If you like, I’ll keep adding new ones. I have a ton of recipes and they make fabulous gifts. I’m giving my mom a whole box of them for Mother’s Day. She’ll be so happy knowing I made her something with my hands and from my heart…not to mention it will help make her feel even more beautiful than she already is.

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Reader Comments:


I love your recipes and would love to see more! Thanks for sharing!

By Grace Ferebee on March 19, 2014


Get out of here shut up coolest thing in the world

By Pearl on December 21, 2012


I love ur ideas,food,and your family!!Just one question me and my great aunt watch paula dean all the time.Today she had said something about her sons sister corrie.Me and my aunt looked at eachother and could not figure out how that was when she I well we thought she only had two boys.While really it not our buisness...Just wondering wink Anyway we love her and your ideas.

By Keri Rae Johnson on November 17, 2012


I loved Corrie's kitchen Spa idea's.I so enjoyed reading and learning"How To Make It". Thank You for sharing this.I booked marked this page so I can keep it and try out all the yummy recipes too!

By Selina Maceroni on May 12, 2012


I also a licensed, and have been washing my with soda and vinegar rinse. I have been doing this for a month, and may never buy shampoo or condtioner again. I also use olive oil on my hair and skin. I love it. I love the natural way of doing thing's;)I will be trying some of these recipes. Thank's Paula:)

By Rhobley on May 12, 2012


Thank you, Corrie! Can't wait to make some of these! There are a whole lot of Mama's in our family who will love these!! Please share more of your wonderful ideas and recipes smile

By Marla on May 11, 2012


Thanks Paula for sharing the citrus salt body scrub, I will make this and share with all my camping buddies in July, an August. From Crystal

By Crystal McGill on May 11, 2012


I've tried all your spa recipes! They are wonderful!

By Lianne Coates on April 12, 2012


Thank you so very much for sharing your receipes smile ! Just yesterday I was thinking about something I could make at home for a really good facial cleansing. Also, thanks for reminding me about Mayo on my hair. I used to do this when I lived out in Needles, Calif. and now that I have been here in south florida my very naturally curly hair just frizzes out of control and your conditioner sounds yummy too will attempt it this weekend. Paula - I am the one who gave you my business card while you were here in Dania Beach, Florida giving away the Smithfield hams. So, if you missed placed it here is my web page: I have been coming up with some very different receipes since I do not have a stove or oven to cook on. I utilize a microwave, toaster oven, a hot pot and an electric fry pan. Love & Light, Nora Wolf

By Nora Wolf on May 06, 2011


I love everything about this site; 3 of my girlfriends and myself always get together for 2 nights and 3 days and we always love to try making new things and then giving each other a jar of whatever we have made; so, this will be my gifts as I plan on trying all that have recipes. Thank you so much, Betty

By Betty Harris on May 05, 2011


Can't wait to share these with my clients!!! So excited to give as gifts too!!

By gina bradley on March 06, 2011


Love Corrie's recipe's! Will you do a book soon? I can't wait to make the scrubs for my friend for her birthday (and some for me too). I've been looking for products that aren't toxic. Thanks for sharing Corrie!

By Debbie Ritter on March 06, 2011


Yes carrie, I also was a beautician, One day one of my friends was going for a perm,at her usual shop, And she complained that her hair was so dry and frizzy after her perm. I told her the night before to use mayo on her hair, and sleep with it on!, wash out in morning. she did this and just loved the results, now she does it each time. also told her beautician what she had done!She had never heard of mayo or olive oil for hair care!!!

By joanne lukas on March 06, 2011


By brianna on March 06, 2011


I love your spa ideas, keep posting them, please. I used the mayo on my hair when I was young, do not know why I stopped! It is also good for your oldest daughter uses salad dressing saying she leaves it on a while and then rubs it and dead skin off..I did this with the mayo. Best wishes from Texas!

By Dianne Hooper on March 06, 2011


I've always exfoliated my skin using corn meal and conditioned my hair with olive oil. So glad to see these recipes and excited to use them myself!

By tracey on March 06, 2011


Corrie, I too am a licensed Cosmetologist. I was so excited to see your Kitchen Spa recipes. I am looking forward to making many of them for my mother for Mother's Day. Thank you for the inspiration. I would love to see more. And thanks for sharing!

By Deniese on February 14, 2011


What a clever idea!!! I would love to make some of your products with my ten year old daughter and give as gifts to her friends and mine. Of course, you may just want to sell your products which we will gladly buy!!!

By Missy Vogtle Hale on February 13, 2011



By najd mohammad Al mane on February 13, 2011


SO excited to try these! Thanks!

By Lovie on February 03, 2011

I love all these ideas and can’t wait to try them for myself and my four dauthers. My fourteen year old daughter is SO allergic to everything related to her skin. I am always ready to try anything natural. Any ideas on a shaving cream for her? Poor thing, she’s even allergic to all the new foam soaps that are everywhere! Please keep up the great ideas!  Kelli

By Kelli Sliwa on June 05, 2010

All of these are excellent and were great gifts, pls continue to spoil us. Im enjoying all of these and have seen a huge difference especially after radiation treatments…I have shared this with many who were taking or are taking and they are loving it as well..thank you soooo much..

By Teresa harris on May 13, 2010


I think this is a great idea! I am proud of you for using cute tags, they make all the difference. I think you wshould go into business with this. You could be the next Burt’s Bees (which I love). Anyway, if you decide to do this, we could team up and I’ll make your labels and tags. I enjoy scrapbooking and card making and I think we would make a great team- especially because we have the same name!

By Corrie Britt on May 08, 2010

Hey Paula and Corrie:

I was so glad to see the “spa” recipes!  I love homemade spa items and can’t wait to try them all.
I too, remember the mayonaise treatments. I hope that they continue to be a regular column on this site. 
Paula, my daughter and I have all of your books and magazines as well as Uncle Bubba and the Boys books and how we do love Michael.
Love you all,
Thanks so much for all you give.

By Jo Stanbery on May 06, 2010

Thank you so much for recipies, I too have used mayo on my hair and now that I am unemployed these will make great gifts!

By Theresa Irby on May 04, 2010

Love the suggestions.  I remember growing up I had very oily hair that would cause my face to break out.  I used beer on my hair to get it really clean of all the oils.  Some people need to add oil, and some need to take some away!!!

By Vickie McDuffie on May 04, 2010

I am loving this!!!  I can’t wait to try these recipes and I would love to see more in the future.

By Georgette Yaeger on May 04, 2010

I have always used mayo as part of my beauty products. I finally learned how to make my own moisturizer and it’s the ONLY one I can use - I am so allergic to all of the commercial ones! Thanks for sharing your great products!! The kitchen is always the place to start!!!!

By Fran Nantista on May 04, 2010

My mom would rinse our hair with apple cider vinegar to get rid of build ups.  Usually in the summer after we played outdoors and was hot.

By Ann Lossman on May 04, 2010

Thank you so much Paula and Corrie for sharing your spa recipes. I have everything in my cabinet so I’ll be mixing tomorrow. I hope my mom will like them….shhhhh, I might even make extra for myself. lol

By Rachel curie on May 03, 2010


By BENITA ROMEO on May 03, 2010

I teach school(1st grade) and I goy lice from the children EXCEPT two years ago.  I used the chemicals from the pharmacy. No luck…two times. Finally, I called my hairdresser and she said to load up my long blonde hair with plain ole mayo.  She gave me a cap and I slept overnight with it, just to be SURE ! SURE worked and my hair was so soft and swingy that everyone wanted to know what I had used on my hair. Pure and simple….Mayo !

By Judi Habern on May 03, 2010

I love the scrubs you have listed.  I too used the mayonaise conditioner growing up.  Had problems with blemishes, and phisohex was Momma would mix an egg and cornmeal and make a mask for my face, massaging it on and let it dry, then rinse..I guess it debrided those old dead cells off and the egg whites helped to tighten the pores.???  it seemed to work!

By Joni on May 03, 2010

Great ideas! I love them all.  Would love to see more, thanks for sharing!

By Modesty Brantley on May 03, 2010

Thanks so much for sharing these recipes. I am really going to try them and see how it works on me. Love You Paula!!!

By Bonnie Crow on May 03, 2010

Love your ideas with the eggs. Im going to try these real soon. I have put lemon on my hair in the summer to make it shine. Bobbie Haney, Social circle, Ga

By Bobbie Haney on May 03, 2010


By JOSEPH STEFKO on May 03, 2010

A great exfoliator that is good smelling and inexpensive is to combine coffee grounds and just enough olive oil in a small jar to make a paste. Rubbed on those rough heels and elbows, it gets rid of dry skin, moisturizes, and leaves you smelling fabulous. I’ve done it with used coffee grounds or fresh—seems more economical to do it with used grounds, but it does scrub a little better with the unused.

By Cati on May 03, 2010

Thank You for the recipes for cool beauty products for even we poor “girls”.From another ” Georgia Girl”-Judyann

By Judy Gilliam on May 02, 2010

I like these articles if I can eat the things I like with less calories then all the better for me.

By Pamela Lowery on April 30, 2010

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