How To: Fall Floral Vase


Did you know you could transform an ordinary thrift store glass vase into an extraordinary fall centerpiece? Follow along our easy breezy tutorial to learn how.


Step 1

Step 1: Mix glass paint (available in craft stores) and a splash of water in separate cups. This will help the paint glide smoothly into the vase.


Step 2

Step 2: Pour one paint color at a time into the vase, turning the vase at an angle to spread the paint in swirl design.


Step 3

Step 3: Allow 15 minutes to dry between each color you’re using.


Step 4

Step 4: After all of your paint colors have been applied and the inside of vase is covered, use a sponge brush to clean the lip of the vase; then place the vase upside down on a paper plate to dry. We recommend letting it dry for 24 hours.


Step 5

Step 5: Heat your oven to 300F. Place the vase on a cookie sheet and bake for 45 minutes. Baking times may vary with different brands of glass paint. Remove your vase from the oven and let it cool completely.


Step 6

Step 6: Finally, you can fill the vase with water, add your favorite blooms, and admire your creation!







What flowers do you plan to put in yours? We can’t wait to hear!