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Paula’s Halloween Party Menu


Planning a Halloween bash? Take a cue from our spooky party menu, and scare up a howling good time!

Witch's Brew


Witch’s Brew
What party could be complete with out a cauldron of Paula’s favorite brew? Follow our directions for setting your bowl of brew in a vat of dry ice for even more fun!


Mini Mummies


Mini Mummies
You only need two ingredients to make these super simple mummies. They’re a scream!



Cheese Ball Goblin


Cheese Ball Goblin

If you’re anything like us, you’ll be gobblin’ up this Cheese Ball Goblin in no time. Serve this ghoulish appetizer with your favorite crackers and assorted vegetables.


Cheese Cats, Bats & Jack-o-Lantern Crackers


Cheese Cats, Bats, and Jack-o-Lanterns
Cheese cookies are a staple at any Southern affair, but for Halloween, try these cheese cookies cut into spooky, creepy cats and bats!


Candy Corn Snack Bark


Candy Corn and Snack Mix Bark

Overwhelmed by your stash of Halloween candy? Turn it into this yummy bark-style candy.


Pumpkin Seed Snack Mix

Pumpkin Seed Snack Mix
Wait! Don’t throw away your pumpkin seeds when you’re finished carving. You can save them and turn them into this frightfully good fall snack.



Wicked Candy Bar Cupcakes


Wicked Candy Bar Cupcakes

Dessert never tasted so good with these devilish cupcakes. The little ones will enjoy decorating these scary cupcakes almost as much as they’ll love eating them.

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