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Deen Brothers x LIFESMART

While a passion for cooking has been passed down through Jamie & Bobby Deen’s family, generation after generation, there’s one cooking method the Deen Brothers have always loved more than the others—grilling. Not only have they literally written the book on grilling, The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up, but after decades in the restaurant industry, they know what it takes to make great tasting food.

When the Deen Brothers first used LIFESMART’s new line of grills, including their Kamado Grill, Pellet Grill, and Griddle, they knew they had found products that would make cooking for their busy families easier and their dishes more delicious. But in addition, they found a team of people who they knew shared their passion for good food and quality products.

Like the Deen Brothers, LIFESMART is passionate about their business and the products they offer consumers, working diligently to ensure they are of the best quality at prices that are attainable.

Deen Brothers Lifesmart Pellet Grills

A Match Made in Heaven

From the moment Jamie & Bobby got their own LIFESMART grills, they knew their old ways of grilling were about to change. From the first bite off their new grills, they knew they wanted to share this incredible culinary revolution with their friends and fans around the world. Because both the Deen Brothers and LIFESMART have the same desire for excellence and drive to make the best products available, the relationship was a recipe for success.

  • Kamado Grill

    Who wouldn’t prefer a grill that provides better flavor? The LIFESMART Kamado Grill is a great alternative to traditional grills. By opening and closing the top and bottom vents, you can control the grill temperature. Its high-grade, temperature-resistant ceramic construction helps to maintain that temperature. Available in three sizes and with tons of included accessories, you’ve got to try it for yourself.

  • Pellet Grill

    Smoking and slow cooking meats has never been easier than it is with the LIFESMART Pellet Grill. Light it with the push of a button, then just set it, and forget it. Adjust your cook temps in one-degree increments and know that your meat will be cooked perfectly each time, thanks to the external digital control panel, which shows the internal meat temperature readings from the dual meat probes.

  • Griddle

    Whether you’re tailgating, camping, adding to your outdoor kitchen, or in need of an extra burner inside, the LIFESMART Griddle is just what you need. The 15,000 BTU griddle with adjustable temperature is perfect for searing, toasting, and stir frying, so you can cook everything from burgers, hot dogs, and veggies to pancakes and bacon. Plus, the LIFESMART Griddle comes with a lid, so it doubles as a warmer.


LIFESMART has been selling innovative and traditional heater products since 2007 and over the last decade have expanded their product line to compliment their consumers’ lifestyle inside and out of the home with fans, evaporative coolers, air purifiers, and, you guessed it, innovative grilling products!


  • Grill Recipes

    Fire up the grill, and let’s get cooking, y’all! Whether you’re hungry for steaks burgers, veggies, fish, or something else, The Deen Brothers have you covered with delicious recipes. You’re sure to find something for even your pickiest eaters. GET COOKING!

  • Get Fired Up

    Jamie & Bobby Deen literally wrote the book on grilling! Their 2011 cookbook, The Deen Bros. Get Fired Up features a batch of 125 mouthwatering recipes and entertaining ideas to make your grilling and outdoor dining deliciously good. SHOP NOW!

  • Sauces, Spices & Rubs

    You’ve got the recipes. You’ve got the grills. Now let’s add a little extra flavor, why don’t we? Round out your grilling collection with the Deen Brothers collection of sauces and spices guaranteed to take all of your grilled favorites to the next level. SHOP NOW!

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