Turkey Cranberry Monte Cristo

Leftover turkey and cranberry sauce never tasted so good! Get the Recipe | Added on November 18 2013 | 27 Comments

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I love the videos. I miss you on TV. Love to see you on facebook. I love your receipes.

By Kem Lackey on December 09, 2013


Looks delicious.....so I will print the recipe and try it. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes.

By Claudette Elrod on December 01, 2013


Paula,I have a question to ask you about sweet potatoes balls. I made them for Thanksgivings dinner.I used your recipe but they were really really soft and hard to make balls out of. I could not roll them in sugar or cinnamon.WHAT DID I DO WRONG ? I would love to make them for Christmas dinner! HELP!!!! GOD BLESS Pam young ( paycrafter@comcast.net)

By Pam Young on December 01, 2013


That just made me hungry at 12 at night. Looks yummy gonna have to try it., Thanks!!!

By Debbie Schwent on December 01, 2013


sounds delicious!!

By craftydebbie on December 01, 2013


This looks delicious, Can't wait to try it. I do miss hearing Paula Dean talk while preparing anything. That's as good as the recipe. I really miss seeing her on television. Maybe, someday, she'll be back on TV. Soon, I hope.

By Janice Roe on November 30, 2013


Paula, this is lunch tomorrow! It looks fabulous! Another great sandwich... 1 croissant roll, split and layer same as above fixins and serve with a nice salad! MMMmm! I love your facebook!!!

By Karen Singrey on November 30, 2013


I enjoyed the video, and I played it over until I saw the words,wink and then I wrote it down, now I am going to cook some for supper, Thank you. I live 40 miles from a grocery store, but I can improvise, on the ingredients, I have white cheese, and we will live without the Arugula leaves wink I bet my husband will love it, like he loves Turkey and Cranberries wink

By Cheri Enfield on November 30, 2013


LOVE these, used to make them for our family any time we had leftover roast turkey or even chicken... till the daughter had to give up 'real' bread (she is Gluten Free). Wondering, now that you have reminded me how amazingly yummy these were, if her 'new' (aka the old GF breads just fell apart, they were HIDEOUS) UDI's bread would hold up to this? Worth a try! Thanks for reminding us what is delicious.

By Pamela Reese on November 30, 2013


Soo delicious yummy.

By cecelia bradley on November 30, 2013


Hope you had a great Thanksgiving.

By Llesenia Robles on November 30, 2013



By JAN on November 30, 2013


Love cranberry sand turkey so will give it a try

By Sharon dalr on November 30, 2013


This looks dangerously delicious!

By Karen on November 30, 2013


YUM smile

By Bradley Tepper on November 30, 2013


Dear Paula, I have watched your shows from the beginning,read your book and was heartbroken at your cancellations and your boys cancelation. You are my favorite all southern lady. God Bless. I am also a diabetic and my daughter is celiac so converting your receipes is interesting. Thank you all. Adele

By Adele Fender on November 30, 2013


Looks great ! I think it will be better with REAL turkey !! Will let you know...

By Rick Browne on November 30, 2013


Yummy delicious~!..looks pretty too~! thank you, now I got to make sum for lunch!!

By Anonymous on November 30, 2013


Were can i get that recipe. That looks so yummy.

By Susie Scherer on November 30, 2013


Paula, try putting a thin layer of your candied sweet potatoes and a layer of cucumbers and sour cream to your sandwich. Awesome as a cold sandwich.

By Marie Funston on November 30, 2013

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