Paula’s Chickens

Paula introduces you to her new brood. Added on April 19 2010 | 141 Comments

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I love this video. sense the first time I seen it I've talk husband into getting some. I love them.

By priscilla on May 11, 2014


I love this video of Paula and her chicken friends. sense I've seen this video I have finally talked my husband in getting some . I love them, I love going and talking to them and gathering the eggs. I don't really care about eating them alone, but he loves them. I love baking my cakes with them, it makes a world of difference. I love and enjoy my magazine cooking with Paula Deen. I used a lot of her recipes. every time I cook something new someone may ask me where did I get this recipe, I proudly say its from Paula Deen. I just love her and her southern cooking. She's the best love Stella

By stella may on May 04, 2014


Love the chicken video, u r right, chickens the females are very peaceful and delightful little creatures. You are the best Paula....

By debbie flora on July 26, 2013


aanybody out there?? we are headedthrru savannah and looking for a polish hen to take back home to add to our flock......don't know where to find one

By Anonymous on May 31, 2013


I saw your chicken coop on a HGTV episode with you and Liza Minneli. I would love to see your chicken coop design. I just lost an Arancana to a raccoon. I thought the coop was safe behind kennel fence. I was wrong, sadly. Is your coop design available? Nancy

By Nancy Pascua on February 06, 2013


I love these videos even more than your shows, if possible. So at home and real. Just found them and wish for more. Loved you from day one, touched a place left untouched since my Granny's death. Not you or your age, just yor "way". From one southern cook to another, proud of you. Wish I could sit in that pretty kitchen and talk. Luci Cagle

By Luci Cagle on September 29, 2012


Beautiful chickies, Paula. Thanks for this video. We need to get the word out about bachyard chickens & get these local goverments on the right page!

By Amy Passmore on September 05, 2012


I LOVE this video. I've been planning on getting some chickens myself!! Barred Rocks, like yours!. You're right, barred rocks are affectionate chickens. Aren't they beautiful? You've given me some good ideas.

By Mary Jacobson on May 23, 2012


I want a chicken coop!!!! Yours is darling! Thanks for sharing!

By Joyce Bailey on May 16, 2012


Hi, I am thinking about getting some chickens. What kind does Paula have? Thanks

By Jason on May 11, 2012


Hello Paula, I love your chicken coop. I live in the country and have problems with wild life sometimes killing my chickens. Would you post your building plan for your coop? It looks like it could be safer for the chickens than what I have. I love your shows, love you. Pat

By Pat on March 17, 2012


I absolutely love your chicken coop. My mom is wanting to put in a chicken coop. I just saw yours on TV!!! How can I get the plans? Please tell me! Sincerely, Leshia Wisener

By Leshia Wisener on March 13, 2012


Paula, You and I have so much in common. I love to cook~~it brings me such great pleasure to serve up a meal to my family. I love it when they enjoy eating what I've 'labored' to prepare for them. (I just wish I had a clean up crew) I too love my animals~~I have a beautiful seal tip Siamese cat (whom we adopted from the shelter), a beautiful Cockatiel, Sunni. She was given to me by a friend who obtained her as a rescue. We also have a hamster in the house, Smudge, he is my daugthers'. I would have more cats, dogs, ducks and chickens if I just had the space for them. My dream is to have a Parrot~~scarlet or blue and really doesn't matter. I just love them~~they are so beautiful and have such personality. I just prepared a chicken casserole for my family and have some home made caramel corn a cookin'. If I do say so myself~~I have one lucky family. Well, I just wanted to drop a line. God Bless~~from MY kitchen to yours~~Love, Pam

By Pam Fricker on October 16, 2011


I heard you on the Joy Behar show talk about your girls, I sit with my girls and sing to them also. Glad I am not alone. I had to go as far as giving a breathing treatment to one of my aracuannas, We think she has Asthma, and of course the vet was out of town. My question for you is my Speckled Sussex lay small brown eggs and I can not find out how to hard boil small eggs. My May babies started to lay last week and needless to say I have eggs coming out of my ears. Back Yard Chicken Keeper of 3 Aracanunas, 4 polish, 4 speckled Sussex and 1 Rowdy barred rock roo Lisa B.

By Lisa Boccaleoni on October 14, 2011


Paula, I love your chickens and chicken coop. I find chickens very relaxing as well. Although I do not have my own coop due to where I live, I collect chicken items, hand towels, glassware ect. I appriciate the fact that you are so kind to people and animals. You really are a woman after my own heart. Best of days to you and yours. Julie

By Julie on October 13, 2011


Hey Paula...I loved the chicken video...I can so appreciate. My husband built a chicken coop about two years ago...and we have fresh eggs every day and you are so right they are wonderful. I cook with them and we eat them for breakfast all the time. G (Gary) my husband loves them and talks to them and pets them...however I will not set foot in the coop...I'm hysterically afraid of birds....ain't that a hoot! Lord have mercy they scare the liver out of me. The funny thing is my little three year old grandson, Gavin loves to go in with his Paw Paw and chase them around. The girls love it (chicks) and love him too! Thank for you like a sister. Lori

By Lori Stout on October 11, 2011


I loved seeing your chickens. Where did you find that great chicken coop? Did your hubby build it for you?

By Charlotte on October 07, 2011


Hi,That was very nice and they are lucky chickens to have you to care for them. I bought my mom chickens for her birthday one year she had decided to move to a small farm house. Everyone thought she was going to kill me but she just loved them. The first chicken house I ever saw that was cleaner than most homes and had curtains she was born in KY. maybe that is why.

By Joyce Mrzlock on October 06, 2011


Hi Paula, Your chickens must live very well, there chicken coop looks very comfy and cozy. I know the get the best care. K DiLallo

By Kathy DiLallo on October 05, 2011


Ms. Paula, Love that chicken coop! My Granddaddy had a chicken farm and his chickens had nothing like yours...but then his hens were "working girls". I have a handsome rooster named Ben that stops by to visit and I'll be sure he never sees this video or he'll be wanting his own "bachlor pad". He makes me laugh when he runs up the driveway to meet me. Quite the character. Arlene

By JArlene on October 05, 2011


By Beth Higgs on April 24, 2010

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