Paula Deen Eyewear

Paula announces her new line of eyewear available soon in your local Walmart Vision Center. Added on April 12 2011 | 86 Comments

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where can I find your eyewear now?

By Retha Ashby on April 14, 2014


paula ,will you be at Rutherford blvd vision center we would welcome you.

By Anonymous on March 02, 2014


Bought my glasses from walmart and love them. However, my frames got broken accidently, and I can't find replacement frames anywhere. I have frame model PD 813. Can someone help me please?

By julie lowman on March 01, 2014


By Anonymous on March 01, 2014


Is there any places that sell Paula deen eyeglass frames? Is there anything I can do to get Wal Mart to start carrying them again?

By Phyllis on February 22, 2014


Love you girlfriend. Keep your chin up and bow to no one. You rock!!!!!

By Toni Ogle on June 26, 2013


I bought your frames last May when I needed new glasses and I loved them until I lost two of the bigger stones on the left side the vision center replaced them(glued them in like they were originally). Then a few months later they fell out again and were replaced again. Now I have lost a small one on the same side and the vision can not replace it because they do not have any stones that small. I really like the looks of your frames, but have to think really hard about purchasing another pair, if the stones fall out and have to be replaced every few months.

By Debra Veer on March 14, 2013


I just got my Paula Deen glasses from Walmart. I got the 808 and absolutely love them.

By kristi smith on February 18, 2013


I need new glasses so I am anxious to look at our Walmart. It is small so may have to go to Tucson, Az. Why have I never heard until today that Paula Deen has a line of eyewear.!!!!!

By IdaDohoney on February 13, 2013


Love the new frames I picked out today from my local Walmart Vision Center! Can hardly wait for them to arrive. I am sure I will enjoy wearing them.

By Sharon Rowley on February 02, 2013


I am going to be you for famous americanes in my 3rd grade class. Nicole

By Nicole haley on January 25, 2013


just purchased my Paula Deen Eye wear from Walmart can't wait to get them PD 821 bronze frames

By Pauline Macaloney on December 10, 2012


I've had my Paula Deen eyewear for about a year and they are the best glasses I've ever had. I hardly ever wear my contacts anymore because these glasses are so comfortable!

By Audrey Mack on November 30, 2012


Just ordered my "Paula Deen" glasses this morning. Can't wait to get them!

By Ellen Sedberry on November 16, 2012


Purchased a pair at "For Eyes" in Lansing, IL. The clerk said they had just arrived last week. Love the frames and fancy work on each side - - price was truly affordable. The pair I selected are light weight but durable. Glad Paula came out of the kitchen to help create glasses.

By Karen on October 18, 2012


I would love to know where to purchase the silver frames Paula was wearing in an interview & believe overnight stay with Oprah! Please

By Allison Jobe on August 31, 2012


I watched the show you were on "Ancestry" and I loved the frames you wore. I think they were rectangle and were either lillac or plum in color. I went to WalMart but they didn't have them. How can I get those frames. I love them !!!! Thank You Palma DiMare

By Palma DiMare on August 16, 2012


just bought a pair of your glasses did not realise it until i got home i love then so confortable and fit great

By sheila tropp on July 24, 2012


I loved the blue reading glasses Paula wore in the show "Who Do You Think You Are". Can anyone tell me where to find them? Walmart has no idea and a very limited selection of precription glasses in the Paula Deen line.

By Deanna P. on July 23, 2012


I too would like to know about the glasses she wore with Oprah. they were an exaggerated cat eye and I thought they looked white or pearlized. However, others are saying they are metal. I would be curious to know they brand and style #, if possible. I have been looking for glasses like that for some time. Thank you for your the way, it was an excellent interview!

By Michelle Conway-Bennett on July 11, 2012

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