Making Blender Hollandaise

Jamie shows you how to make blender Hollandaise. Added on March 15 2010 | 7 Comments

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If you serve the sauce right away--no need to heat. If you make it ahead, heat it slightly in the microwave till it is smooth. This was an excellent video by Jamie and the recipe is great and easy to make.

By Teri on April 18, 2014


a lighter verision would make me happy less butter perhaps

By gloria dedinsky on January 04, 2014


Great video explain very well I only have one question do I need to warm up the Hollandaise before pouring it on top?

By Cathy Rodriguez on May 10, 2013


Jamie, you made it looks so easy that I'm going to try it!!! Thanks alot. Love, Linda. P.S. Send my love to Bobby and to Mama!!

By Linda Thorman on April 03, 2012


Loved Jamie in this video. Always wanted how to make Holladaise. Thought it was complicated. Thanks Jamie.

By Ann Chitwood on April 03, 2012


Hello Sharon, I believe this is the recipe you're looking for:

By Jonathan Able on July 12, 2011


I need you help!!!!!!!! I have been rying fo hours (honestly) to get a recipe that I saw you and Paula make on food network today for a caramel apple cheesecake...."Way back in the day, it was actually possible to pull up a calender, click on to Paula's show and see just the recipe that you had seen on the television earlier however....... there is so much advertizement and scrolling that I am driven to distraction at this point...Now Jamie, I saw you on TV today and learned that you are a happily married 42 year old! Ha!!!! Is tere anyway that you can get this recipe back to me so that I can print just this recipe out; just as one use to be able to do "back in the day"??? Your assistance would be greatly appreciaed.....With Appreciation to all of you DEEN Folks! Ha! Sharon Wichman

By sharon Wichman on July 08, 2011

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