How to Stuff a Turkey

Be it for Thanksgiving or Christmas, stuffing your holiday turkey can be a daunting task. Paula's Test Kitchen has broken it down to an easy step-by-step process for you! Added on December 19 2013 | 14 Comments

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By John A Mazzetta on March 20, 2014


My Mom didn't have a lot of spices but she always had thyme & cin. namon.Her stuffing was delicious. I never could make it like her..

By joyce hill on December 29, 2013


I'm confused. How was this "stuffing a turkey"? Stuffing a turkey means placing prepared dressing inside the bird cavity. Not placing raw veggies and herbs inside the bird cavity.

By Teresa Wellman on December 29, 2013


Pretty pale turkey. No golden color missing

By Gloria lightowler on December 22, 2013


I have been cooking my traditional family stuffing outside of the bird for years.....this was a helpful video to show that you can add other flavors inside the bird and it will help flavor ....perhaps, pepperoni would keep the bird moist! Discard everything when the bird is done but now you have more flavor and some moistening going on!

By Karen canali on December 22, 2013


Great video. I do wish it was using cornbread stuffing though. Thanks Paula.

By Cheryl Shumate on December 22, 2013


Thank you. I have needed this step-by-step for years. I won' t be buying pre-cooked turkeys anymore. Thanks again, you are my hero.

By Gale Wright on December 21, 2013


This was a waste of my time. It said how to stuff a turkey, all you did was season it and there is more information than that on the turkey package. I get the magazine even have a lot of her cook ware and I can not believe you would miss lead people with this.

By Jamie Peterson on December 21, 2013


Paula, Can you repost the carnberry sauce. I started watching it and forgot to write down the ingredients and clicked off to go back to the start and I lost it some how. I never could find it. I would like to make this for our christmas dinner. Thank you Filomena Grasse

By Filomena Grasse on December 21, 2013


That isn't stuffing a turkey!

By Anonymous on December 21, 2013


I found a great way to do my stuffing this year. I made it like I always do except I cooked it in my crock pot. It stayed moist and it left room in the oven. We did a deep fried turkey.

By Maggie Klorman on December 21, 2013


Thanks for posting this. I was way overthinking how to stuff the bird.

By Suzanne on December 21, 2013


Love u Paula !!!!

By Marian on December 21, 2013


Well, if this was supposed to be for stuffing a turkey, it was an EPIC fail. There was no stuffing or dressing or what not involved, just a few aromatics placed into the cavity. I expected so much more . . . VERY disappointed.

By Lorie on December 21, 2013

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