How to Brine a Chicken

Want to know the secret to the best poultry you've ever had? It's all about brining, y'all! Added on December 19 2013 | 67 Comments

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I have been brining chicken all my life and did not know that was what you called it. I learned from my mother. When you are going to fry a chicken, cut it up and put salt on it in a bowl and refrigerate over night! Best fried chicken you ever laid your lips on!!! Yahooooo

By Vdirginia Yeaman on March 28, 2014


I rinse out my chicken in a large pot and then add lots of salt and some vinegar into another pot, cover and let my chicken soak for a few hours in the fridge. Then I rinse it in another pot, add buttermilk and spices into a zip lock bag add the chicken and leave it overnight. I find the buttermilk tenderizes the chicken. I rinse the buttermilk off and wipe it and then put butter under the breasts and some in the legs, some onion and slices of lemon in the cavity along with some salt and garlic, spice the whole chicken all over and sprinkle some olive oil over it. I then set the chicken on some celery, sliced onion and sliced carrots with a bit of chicken broth. This adds to the flour of the gravy and then I strain it. Sounds like a lot of work but it isn't and everyone loves my tender, flavourful and delicious tasting roast chicken. Follow regular cooking times for chicken. I don't rinse my chicken under the tap, only in pots of water and then flush the water down the toilet.

By Gerri on March 09, 2014


Can you brine the poultry/meat from the grocery store that already has a salt solution in it?

By Pam Young on March 01, 2014


I really want to try this recipes but have some questions that I have seen others have as well. How long do you leave the chicken in the brine and how long and at what temperature do you bake it? I do not see any of these questions answered in the comments. I love all of your recipes and your website and have never been disappointed in any of your recipes. I was wondering if you ever answer the questions in the comment section? Thank you Paula..

By jowhittle on February 28, 2014


By donna on February 28, 2014


How to brine a chicken

By Effie Akins on January 22, 2014


Can't read the ingredients

By Anonymous on January 18, 2014


looks great... but if Paula says its the way to go, i'm going there..... we love you Paula

By Roger Shykes on January 14, 2014


I've never brined a chicken before. I think I will give it a try. Also, the musical background to the video is outstanding. I wouldn't mind listening to this in my kitchen while cooking.

By Dennis Bean on January 09, 2014


what temp for baking and for how long ??

By patricia johnson on January 03, 2014


I know the video was about brining the chicken, but I would like to know, at what temp. and how long to cook. Don't really know that much about brining, but it seems it might change the cooking time, some what. Video itself made it all look easy and the cooked chicken looked good.

By Sue Cullum on January 02, 2014


How long does it need to brine? Recommended time?

By Laura Macias on December 31, 2013


So, once you've brined the chicken and drain it of the brine, you don't have to rinse the chicken to remove the extra salt? Is it because you're only brining it for a few hours? I brine my turkey every Thanksgiving, using a brine sold through Williams-Sonoma. Their instructions say to brine between 12 and 24 hours. When you're ready to remove the turkey and cook it, they say to make sure to rinse the bird very well to remove the salt. If you don't do this, the bird ends up too salty and is therefore unpalatable. Although my turkey this year tasted just fine, the gravy turned out almost too salty. I had to water it down more than I preferred, though. Was still good, regardless. grin

By Rene on December 31, 2013


The words on your video can't be seen. Can you change the color?

By Wanda on December 30, 2013



By JO ANN WILEY on December 30, 2013


I have been brining my poultry for about ten years now. My recipe is like this one except I add a quarter cup of allspice berries and a tablespoon of cayenne and brine over night or 24 hours.

By Roger Jones on December 30, 2013


Looks good & easy to make. What temperature to bake & for how long?

By nancy Williams on December 30, 2013


Excellent video. Short and to the point. Thank you

By Janine Winters on December 30, 2013


always wanted to try this- you made it look so simple-will try the next time I roast a chicken-thanks Pat Rossetto

By Pat Rossetto on December 30, 2013


Yes, brining a chicken is a great way to increase the flavor of chicken, whole or cut. I do it myself when I prepare chicken for frying. after the brining I put my own spices on and rub them in with some Evoo and then dredge in flour.

By Hewett on December 30, 2013

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