Fried Green Tomatoes

Paula shows you her tricks for making the perfect Fried Green Tomatoes Added on November 04 2010 | 196 Comments

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Looks wonderful and tasty! I am about to go fry me up some!!!!!! Thanks for the video and for always being available when I need some cooking help!!!! Many thanks my friend! Cindy

By Cindy Moore Powell on July 27, 2014


Can't wait to try your recipe. I love fried green tomatoes but since Momma passed haven't had any really good ones.

By Mark M on July 14, 2014


Love it!!!!! Love all your recipes and this one I am serving tonight to my family with BLT sandwiches and ice tea. Thank You Paula

By Josie on June 28, 2014


loved the recipe but the porno music could have been eliminated in the background

By gail quartuccio on June 12, 2014


i love fried to they are great

By kathy davis on June 10, 2014


I love fried green tomatoes, I cook them the same way but I love to fry some bacon and make a fried green tomatoe, lettues and bacon sandwich, sooo yummy. Love ya Paula. Thanks, Tammy Reese

By Tammy Reese on February 18, 2014


Trying these for the 1st time. You are the best, girl. Keep on keeping on!

By Alice on February 10, 2014


Love fried green tomatoes, I have been eating them since I was a little girl, my mom and my grandmother used to make them for us so. So I make them for my family now. Love them !!!!!! Thank you for the sauce recipe. Can't wait to try it this summer.

By Greta Burkhart on January 29, 2014


I tried these & loved them. I always used half & half. Half flour, & half Cornmeal. Loved the dipping sauce. Try it this way. & see if u like it. Love u Paula, & loved your show. Thanks, Jackie C. online name is. Jackie 65.

By Jackie Copeland on January 03, 2014


You are great you bring not only good recipes to my family you bring back memories of my Mom an Gran mas good southern cooking thank you so much a loyal fan always Terry

By Terry ODell on December 08, 2013


Your recipe sounds yummy! I picked green tomatoes today. I can hardly wait to cook them. Love you, Paula, and loved your show.

By Ann Wheeler on November 10, 2013


My mom used to make a quickie dish of green tomatoes and scrambled eggs. She would put a layer of raw scrambled eggs in a baking dish, then a layer of sliced green tomatoes, more eggs, tomatoes, and eggs. When it was baked the scrambled eggs would fluff up with the sliced tomatoes in layers and the tartness of the green tomatoes tasted so good with the eggs. You could slice it like a meatloaf when it was done

By Ann Rompre on October 27, 2013


Wonderful video BUT cut the db on the audio.

By Russ J on September 14, 2013


Growing up in MS, my mom made fried green tomatoes for our family. I remember how delicious they were but was a bit afraid to try cooking them. Your recipe is exactly the way I remember. Thanks so much. You and your boys are an inspiration to me. You bring back the "grass roots" and family to food and togetherness. I've recently ordered your magazine, one for me and one for my son-in-law. I want to support you in every way possible. God bless. You'll bounce back and be more successful than ever!!

By Kay Jackson on September 03, 2013


Paula your awesome and I love you!!! I am happy you have this on the computer Iam disabled and Have no way to get a book or watch tv. Your as sweet, as your smile..Love you...

By Tami on August 16, 2013


Paula, Stay strong and remember, the only person to walk this Earth who has the right to judge you is Jesus Christ! Thanks for the quick brush up on green tomatoes and the tip of salting first so that it will draw out the extra moisture. Looking forward to seeing you soon back on t.v.

By Jim Hardy on August 10, 2013


This is the second time I've used this recipe and they are wonderful! You are a fabulous cook AND person, Paula.

By Jennifer Shirley on August 09, 2013


Love you Paula. Keep the faith. Tried this recipe today after going to the farmers market on Saturday. Loved it.

By Judy Smith on July 28, 2013


I had the fried green tomatoes as an appetizer in Paula Deen's Kitchen in Cherokee, N.C. last week and they were the best that I have ever eaten. Each meal that my mother, my friend and I got was absolutely delicious! We also bought some of your merchandise in the gift shop to show our support. Mom bought a whole Key Lime Pie which was wonderful. (I have your cookware at it!). Hold your head up high Paula! We love you! Lynn Smith

By Lynn Smith on July 19, 2013


dear paula thanks so much for this recipe. I miss seeing you on tv and hope that you will keep cooking so that people like me can put a good meal on the table. best wishes to and all of your family. Helen Petrisky

By helen petrisky on July 13, 2013

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