Compound Butter

Jamie Deen shows us how to make compound butter Added on December 07 2009 | 9 Comments

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That was very interesting about doing compounding butter. Looks very easy. I think I'll try that the next time. I never had made compounding butter before. But like my mom use to say, "First time for every thing." Thank you Jamie for the lesson.

By Mary on July 20, 2014


Having watched Paula alittle bit ago( long time) I have seen her make butter compounds. Let your imagination flow. Paula set the stage and she is slways right!

By Ida Dohoney on July 18, 2014


Butter & Berries, My two Favorite foods!

By karina on July 18, 2014


I love this....have never made compound butter before...The video is well done and easily understood. Thanks Jamie!!

By Chalice Greswit on February 13, 2011


Thank you so much for the video on making compound butter. I often wondered how this was made, that is so often offered in very nice Resturants. I really didn't know that it was so very simple. Gee, skies the limit on what one can use to make Compound butter. Green Olive Tapenade, Sweet Vidalia Onion in sauce, Jams, Jellies, Fresh Herbs, and Fruits. How about Peach Compound Butter for some Sunday Morning Pancakes. I think that you made my day!

By Jeannette Behringer on February 09, 2011


I have a recipe that calls for creme de menthe, but I need a non-alcohol substitute. Any ideas? Would it work to make a simple syrup and add some mint extract?

By melissa faubion on February 09, 2011


A very good tip and you look terrific Jamie. Your butters give me a lot of ideas thank you

By Gayle J Whitaker on February 08, 2011


that compound butter sure looks good.i,m going to try it thanks for the tip. from my webbsite to your webbsite. thank you.

By darlene webb on February 08, 2011


I love making compound butters and the blackberry butter sounds like something I would like on my grandmother's cornbread recipe. My grandmother used to make us a quick dessert with hot rice, butter and sugar. Sort of a old country rice pudding. The blackberry compound butter should taste great in that for when I need a real comfort food.

By Linda Gail on January 25, 2011

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