Yogurt Breakfast Split

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Yogurt Breakfast Split Yogurt Breakfast Split

Servings: 2 servings
Prep Time: 15 min
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

2 bananas, peeled, split in 1/2, lengthwise, divided
1 cup container vanilla-flavored yogurt, divided
1 cup hulled and halved strawberries, divided
1/2 cup blueberries, divided
1/2 cup raspberries, divided
1/2 cup honey and oat granola, divided
4 tablespoons honey, divided
Sliced almonds, for garnish





Arrange 2 banana halves in a serving bowl. Spoon 1/2 cup yogurt over the bananas. Top with 1/2 cup of strawberries, 1/4 cup of blueberries, and 1/4 cup of raspberries. Sprinkle with 1/4 cup of the granola and drizzle with 2 tablespoons of honey. To make another serving, repeat with the remaining bananas, yogurt, strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, granola, and honey. Garnish each serving with sliced almonds and serve immediately.

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Reader Comments:


Would like to see nutritional breakdown of the ingredients

By Pam on February 06, 2014


Have you thought about joining CRETE TV? I think is a part of PBS. I believe you would do wonderful on there. I don't believe you have been treated right. People need to find out the whole story instead of just a snippet of something.

By Irene Stacy on July 24, 2013


Thank God my friend sent me link to your site. Love you and your family. I have missed you on food channel. Now I have this site. thanks

By Marie on July 20, 2013


I'm glad I have pauladeen.com because I miss you SOOOOOO on the Food Channel!

By Carlos Combs on July 18, 2013


Hello to real person with the same view as the rest.. I take my shot everyday and have lost 40+ lbs.(victoza) .your son's recipes have helped to have sweets and still maintain a good sugar reading... Now for the recipe today looks easy to make..will try it..sugar free...

By sdf on July 17, 2013


I made these in smaller cups for an office staff meeting. They were the best in change from donuts!

By Kim on July 17, 2013


My entire family is pulling for you Paula, we love you! I don't enter Walmart or Target stores anymore and I am boycotting Food Channel and all others that have joined the witch hunt. I have your cookware and knives and love them. Please don't leave Facebook. Love your recipes. Thank you for all you have done for America. Mary Fraley

By Mary Fraley on July 17, 2013


I could eat this every morning if I could keep the fruit in the house.

By Kathryn Kendrick on July 17, 2013


Sounds great. Will try it this WK Thanks

By verla swasey on July 17, 2013


I can't wait to try the breakfast yogurt! I hope that all is well with you and your family. You are a strong Southern woman! Take care and remember you are loved!

By Jerrie Paone on July 17, 2013


This looks sooooo good. I would probably leave out the granola because I'm diabetic and I feel it adds needless carbs and would probably substitute another fruit for the banana or only use half a banana or less per serving. Carbs again. Ditto the honey. Would probably just use a tiny bit and see how it tasted. Half a tsp for each serving? Would watch the carb count on the yogurt, as well. I would use unsweetened yogurt and add real vanilla to it. Maybe some Splenda if it needed sweetening. Even plain Greek yogurt has 12 grams of carbs per cup. Same as a glass of milk. I never buy flavored yogurt because it has been sweetened even more.

By Yvonne Self on July 17, 2013


Paula, I was just wondering how are you doing? I hope you can put this behind you and recover from all this mess. People sure blow things up bigger than what they really are. Your a good person and I don't see that you've done anything wrong. It's sad how now a days people judge each other not only by the color of their skin but how much money they have.. Well its sad.. I grew up in a black neighbor hood where whites were only a hand full and not once did anyone judge anyone by color. We were all the same except some rich some poor. Wish it was like that again. Everyone just got along. People make way to much out of nothing. Hope you and your family get pass this mess. In our prayers.. Susan

By susan yonkin on July 17, 2013


This looks awesome ... I can give it 4 diamonds from reading it & will probably rate it 5 diamonds as I eat it smile

By Frances Thomas on July 17, 2013


I wish your recipes would have a calorie count on them, since I am looking at the calories for my daily counts. Thank you so very much Paula. From a cook who loves to try all things good Kathleen Trout

By Kathleen Trout on July 17, 2013


We enjoy watching your show thanks for sharing your yummy recipes with us it is so nice to see a family working together Ray and Vada

By Raymond and Vada Rigolo on July 23, 2011

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