Sparkling Sweet Cherry Lemonade

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Sparkling Sweet Cherry Lemonade Sparkling Sweet Cherry Lemonade

Servings: 2 quarts
Prep Time: 8 min
Difficulty: Easy

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1 (10-ounce) package frozen pitted sweet cherries (2 cups), thawed
1 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 cup sugar
5 cups chilled seltzer water, plus more to taste





Add the cherries, lemon juice, and sugar to a blender and puree. Pour the mixture into a large pitcher. Add the seltzer and stir gently. Pour into glasses filled with ice and top with additional seltzer, if desired.

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Reader Comments:


fruit punch sound very good y all. I was in your home town savannah ga.

By Donna marie Eichhorn on November 02, 2012


We tried this recipe with blueberries - not as successful. I am not sure if the same problem would arise with cherries, but the skin of the blue berries was not a pleasant texture. Had we of added the seltzer then strained the blended mixture, I think the blueberry flavor would have been more delicous. Also, the seltzer water to "lemonade" was not what I expected. We actually preferred a higher lemonade to seltzer ratio than the other way around. Other wise, this was a yummy summer drink!

By Devin on June 13, 2012


This sounds absolutely fantastic. I'm a diabetic and my sister and her hubby just had gastric bypass surgery. We all would absolutely love this and it is so easy to use a sugar substitute and sugar free stuff that this can be enjoyed by all!! Thank you!

By Kelly on March 26, 2012


Can't wait to make...sounds like a perfect libation for the family beach vacation.

By Donna on March 26, 2012


I tried this and I Loved it.. Very Good

By JDW on October 18, 2011


Love your recipes, I make Bobby's Pimento Cheese all the time, it's my husbands favorite. Love your chocolate sheet cake and the Grandgirls Apple Cake recipe, haven't found a bad recipe yet.

By Pat Wilson on July 05, 2011


By Pat Wilson on July 05, 2011


i will try this loks yummy

By heather on July 05, 2011



By kathy garcia on July 05, 2011


This lemonade was sooo refreshing! I love it and think that it's a great drink for parties and get togethers. Thanks a lot Paula!

By Anonymous on June 16, 2011


This drink is so refreshing and deliciously delightful.......its a regular for my family on Sundays, Thanx Paula!!!

By Anonymous on March 29, 2011


This is a great drink for a bbq or get together. add a little vodka for a "grownup" drink.

By Anonymous on September 02, 2010


I think its great..I love paula and I can't wait to a and my twin sister plan to have our own cooking show just like paula.we watch your cooking show everyday:)

By Anonymous on June 23, 2010


Man! Just the name makes me want some. I will make this next time I have all the ingredients! Thank you Paula!

By pauladeeniscool on June 01, 2010


By Anonymous on January 31, 2010


By Anonymous on January 29, 2010

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