Shrimp and Grits

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Shrimp and Grits Shrimp and Grits

Servings: 2 servings
Prep Time: 20 min
Cook Time: 15 min
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

2   servings cooked grits
2 tablespoon olive oil
1/2 cup diced tasso ham
2 tablespoon diced leeks
2 tablespoon diced onion
2 tablespoon diced green peppers
20   medium to large shrimp, peeled and de-veined, with tails on
1 tablespoon white wine
1 cup heavy cream
salt and pepper to taste
green onion tops, chopped





*Cook’s Note: Tasso is a Cajun ham and is often hard to find outside of Louisiana, but you can find it at some specialty gourmet shops or by mail order. If not, you can substitute salt pork, pancetta, or prosciutto, but you will have to beef up your seasonings, as tasso is very flavorful. 

Cook grits according to package directions; set aside and keep warm. 

Heat oil in a large skillet over medium-high heat. Add tasso and saute until crisp. Add diced vegetables and saute until onions are translucent. Add shrimp and saute for 30 to 45 seconds, or until pink. Remove from the pan and set aside. Deglaze the pan with a little white wine. Slowly add the cream and let reduce until thickened. Season with salt and pepper, to taste. 

Divide grits among 2 serving plates. Line plate edges with shrimp (10 shrimp per serving). Pour sauce over grits. Garnish with green onion tops. 

For a great wedding idea, use martini glasses to serve shrimp and grits, with the grits on the bottom and shrimp and sauce on top. 

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Looking for a recipe you have , shrimp & grits cakes . Could you send it to me ? Thanks Avery Canady Sr.

By avery canady on December 15, 2013


Paula, Paula, Paula, This recipe is off the CHAIN. I made this recipe last night, because my husband is creole and love shrimp and grits. My husband was so excited, and my daughter said it's what you get when you make a Paula Deen recipe. Whenever I want to try something new, I always come to you first. And you never fail. By Dsimien on June, 3, 2013

By dsimien on June 04, 2013


As a homesick southerner in stuck in yet another New England snowstorm this recipe hit the spot! Tasty, easy, quick, and even my 5 year old loved it. Thanks for making it taste like home!

By Joh on March 19, 2013


Can I repost this recipe on my web blog.

By Andre Washington on March 11, 2013


This recipe is awesome. The sauce was the best I had ever had. I added 2 lobster tails to this and instead of tasso ham I cut andoulle sausage into mini cubes. It was excellent. Also for a little more kick I added 1 whole jalpeno. I served this as a valentines day meal for my husband and he absolutely loved it! I highly recommend this to anyone who loves grits and shrimp. It's a very light but yet feeling meal. Thanks Paula!

By Michele on February 16, 2013


Great recipe and it actually looks pretty good.

By Gourmet Secrets on July 13, 2012


i sorry Im the lady that send you the notes from dominican republic, I will like to write you from here, and be able to get some of you recipes from your site. somy husband, and I can enjoy it in our dominican kitchen

By heredia mason on March 25, 2012


dear paula I miss you show so much. were i live now the cable tv dont have channel of food network.I truly miss you cooking show i had so much fun watching it now I moved to dominican republic, and when i go to us i make sure i watch you show. Im very happy to be able to write you this notes. Like you said best wishes from my family to yours.

By Anonymous on March 25, 2012


great recipe! i'm looking for more regards

By Eric on February 22, 2012


Paula- This shrimp and grits recipe rocks! I made it last night and I was wary about it because I've never really cooked southern style. I did not have grits, so I used cream of wheat, and it was still delicious. I also did not use Tasso as I don't eat meat often and did not have it on hand. I did add asparagus and orange pepper to the vegetable mix and it was so good! The cream sauce that goes on top is simply fantastic. It was a great way to celebrate mardi gras with a nice rich bowl of happiness! Thanks- you're amazing!

By laura on February 22, 2012


cant what to try dis my husband is from new orleans he gone love dis paula I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

By ferdrena on February 07, 2012


dear paula,i have been watching your cooking show for 3! and i'm a southern girl from alabama. i missed the seminar which you attended in downtown,chicago. simply because i was facing a financial situations,kinda like now! but i love your southern hospitality,i enjoy the way you and your family cooks together.and i love how you uses the word that i grew up!! keep up the good work ! i love yall... sincerly a true fan beverly from sauk village.

By beverly rudolph on November 15, 2011


Your shrimp and grits are out of this world so good

By Anonymous on November 09, 2011


OMG! Who would have thought that "Shrimp & Grits" would be good together. I cooked this for brunch for my husband on Father's Day and it was a hugh success. He's so picky about meals, but this one hit a homerun. One tip: I substituted Mexican Chorizo Sausage for the Tasso Ham and added red pepper flakes to spice it up. Could not find the tasso locally but I found it online. Cannot wait to try the recipe with the ham......thanks for sharing a terrific recipe.

By Rhonda Hicks on June 22, 2011


Hi Paula - we stopped by the Lady and Sons and had a fine lunch on June 14th - just wanted you to know that the young men who served us on the third floor gave us the best service I have ever had in my life of 56 years! One thing though - on one of my upcoming trips to Tybee Island, I would sonehow love for my son to meet you. You and Walter Harris (a singer/guitar player on the river) are the faces of Savannah to Christopher and he wants more than anything to meet you some time. He always has his eye open to see if he can spot you! He loves your cooking show and watches you and your sons religiously. Hope to see you in person sometime! Sincerely, Denise Fair Fayetteville, GA 770-719-3501

By Denise Fair on June 15, 2011


Your Shrimp and Grits sounds great! I want to try the recipe as you would cook it, but I can not find where to buy the Tasso. Do you know of a Vendor for it to ship to Idaho? I read that it only stores for a week.

By Karen Cole on April 10, 2011


I was in a panic this evening.(late, as it is new years eve). I lost your recipe for oven roasted pulled pork. (tomorrows dinner )Thank goodness I found this site. I've got a reputation for this dish and it is all because of you. The hankering began after a vacation at Crystal Beach, South Carolina , where I was first introduced to the southern version of pulled pork and Carolina style bbq sauce. Life hasn't been the same since. While visiting New Bern, South Carolina I had Shrimp and Grits with Remoulade Sauce for the first and only time and I dream of it. The grits were whole grain and cooked in milk making them a whole new taste. I found the grits which is no small task in Western Pennsylvania but how about a recipe for cooking them. The waiter said they where soaked overnight in milk and then cooked in the same liquid. But how about the ratio of milk to grits and how long do you soak them and cook them? Do you make your own remoulade sauce or purchase it? As much as I love western PA , I must say I loved the town of New Bern and the truely kind and gentle people who live and work there. You're lucky to live so near. Thanks Paula from a nutty housewife in Pittsburgh, PA Happy New Year !

By Barbara W Kastner on January 01, 2011

My Daughter makes Etta B Pottery and you can bake in oven or Microwave like cooking with Teflon pan. Just spray with Pam & very little clean up.  If you have never used Pottery to help cut down on the use of so much oil then you are missing a good thing.

By Billie on December 07, 2010

These lighten up recipes are great.  And, yes, margarine is unhealthy.  So are non-stick pans unless the interior is ceramic.  Please, Bobby, stop Paula from using so many cans in her recipes.  The other recipes made from scratch (except for tomatoes which are fine canned) are tasty.

By marzi on December 09, 2009

Please publish a book with these lighter receipes
Anything in the works!

By Harriet Smith on November 24, 2009

I have sent emails before asking to have nutritional info given for Paula’s recipes and never get a response.  With diabetics in my family, this is even more important.  I’m so glad you are doing this and lightening up recipes.

By Judy Anderson on November 08, 2009

Paula and Sons.
  I watch your show everyday and love the recipes you and the boys cook up.I especially like the old ones that your Grandparents taught you to brings back memories to me because a lot of the things you cooked ,were what my parents and grandparents cooked and I use the recipes even today and teach my great grandkids to’re country and that’s the best kind.don’t let Hollywood change you Paula,you’re perfect just like you are.I’m 71 yrs old and born and raised in the country of Arkansas.I’ve done some GOOD cooking in my day.

By Louise Cook on November 08, 2009

I love to watch Paula and the boys. I try to catch her shows all the time. I use her recipes in my cooking.  My friends want to know if it is your recipe. I would like to come to Savanah and have lunch at the Lady and Sons resturant. My pastor loves the Mountain Dew cake.  I have made him several.  Thanks so much for your show. I enjoy it so much.  I am not able to get out of the house much and I enjoy Food Network very much.
Betty McCloud

By Betty McCloud on November 07, 2009

I love Pauls’s show watch it everyday I can.
Enjoy her cooking in the kitchen with her sons.
I will look forward to more lighten up recipes.

By shirley mapel on November 07, 2009

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