Sassy Strawberry Pie

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Sassy Strawberry Pie Sassy Strawberry Pie Recipe Courtesy of

A fresh summer pie with a sassy kick!

Servings: 8
Cook Time: 15 min
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

1 quart fresh strawberries
12 ounce package frozen strawberries
1/2 cup water
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
3 tablespoons corn starch
1/2 teaspoon chili powder
8 drops red food coloring
2 tablespoons butter
9 inch pie shell, baked and cooled
Fresh whipped cream and fresh mint for garnish





Wash and hull the fresh strawberries, dry very well. In a medium sauce pan over medium heat, combine frozen strawberries with water, sugar, salt, cornstarch and chili powder. Cook until thickened and strawberries have become very soft. Add food coloring as needed for a brighter red color. When thickened, add butter. Cool slightly. Spoon half of cooled strawberry mixture into baked and cooled pie shell. Top with fresh strawberries in a pattern with hull side down on strawberry mixture. Pour remaining strawberry mixture over fresh berries. Chill for at least one hour. Serve with fresh whipped cream and a sprig of mint.

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I love Paula Dean. If I can't find it in a cook book than Here I am on the computer.Thank God for you Paula.

By Jane Wright on August 10, 2013


Paula's cooking amazes me. I've got a guy I've been with for almost a year who really likes pies and for our One Year Anniversary I want to tell him I love him and give him The Sassy Strawberry Pie. I hope he likes it.

By Tearra on May 22, 2012


in your sassy strawberry pie you used chili powder. i've never heard of using it in a pie.

By wanda leach on May 17, 2012


i just gained five dress and high heel shoes. chocolate cocktails. red rose centepiece. miniburgers. you have a moment for two.

By Benita Wheeler on September 03, 2011


Love this one ,,Deliciouse!

By Barbara Martin on July 14, 2011


Love this one ,,Deliciouse!

By Barbara Martin on July 14, 2011


Brown Rice and masking tape does not sound appetizing.

By dennis harris on July 03, 2011


Paula, Just wanted you to know how I love all your recipes. Also I love watching your TV show. I read your book and loved it. You are one great person and Mother. Keep up the good work

By joan williams on June 26, 2011


Best strawberry pie ever!!! Thanks!

By sally norris on June 25, 2011


Hi Paula, I love to cook and entered many cooking contests but only won a few. My turkey method is so easy and great tasting. I baste the turkey with melted butter and Kalua and then place in a brown bag, seal tight and never never peek. End results, perfect brown turkey without opening the oven or basting ever. Just let it go. Easter is another thing. I'm Italian, so I make this wonderful Italian braided colorful egg bread. Yummy. Love your show and your great laugh. Peace

By alba wendling on April 05, 2011


the best thing you made is sassy strawbreey and peach smoothies and i will love to cook with you and i am 11 years old and my name is maya harris and i love your shows and food network star

By Anonymous on July 24, 2010


awesome i tasted it i fell in love!

By Anonymous on July 21, 2010


By Anonymous on June 24, 2010


This pie is awesome. I was a little leary about the chili powder but it works. This is probably the best strawberry pie filling I have ever made.

By Anonymous on June 20, 2010


By Anonymous on June 08, 2010


The pie is more than best its amazing

By Anonymous on June 06, 2010


do not put chili powder in this makes it taste aweful maybe would taste ok with nutmeg but not chili powder!!!

By littlebigdog883 on June 03, 2010

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