Orange Apricot Turkey

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Orange Apricot Turkey Orange Apricot Turkey

An orange twist on Thanksgiving Turkey

Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

2 sticks butter (well chilled)
1 can Apricot halves (reserve liquid)
1 small can frozen condensed orange juice
Turkey 12-14 pounds
Salt & pepper to taste
4 stems rosemary (optional)





Preheat oven to 400º F

Place turkey in large roasting pan (no rack).  Slice chilled butter into long slices.  Slide one full stick of butter under the skin of each breast.  Under the skin of one side place apricot halves. Take the frozen orange juice out of can and place in the cavity of the turkey along with the juice from apricot can and one cup of water. Cook at 400ºF for 20 minutes.

Reduce heat to 250º F and roast until turkey is done.  Baste frequently with the orange/apricot/butter drippings.

Notes From the Paula Deen Test Kitchen:  Turkey will take longer than instructed on a typical turkey package since you are roasting at a lower heat for the final time. Typically, a 12-14 pound bird will take a total of 4 to 4 ½ hours to roast with this method. We used Apricot preserves mixed with a little of the pan juices for a final baste on our turkey.  Flavor was delightful and a nice twist on the usual turkey preparation.

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We make a very similar recipe every year and they all seem to love it! The difference is we actually stuff the turkey with quartered oranges, one quartered lemon, fresh rosemary, fresh thyme and salt and pepper. (Crush the fruit while stuffing to get juice flowin and use enough oranges to fill, about five) Same butter under the skin, but no apricot. We then place the whole thing into a baking bag, no need to baste, same pre-heat but up here at altitude we cook at 275! And just wait until you make some gravy with these drippins!! YUM ^_^ Happy Thanksgiving!

By Star Malouff on November 19, 2012

Thanks for making my morning a little bit better with this great article!!

By registry cleaner on November 27, 2010

Hey Tom!  Nice catch on the recipe.  Yes, the rosemary was used for a garnish on the recipe given to Paula. Apparently we just thought the sage looked better! smile  Happy Thanksgiving!

By Libbie Summers on November 24, 2009

The picture looks great.  Recipe sounds excellent. Is the rosemary a garnish?  Looks like sage leaves in the picture.  Picky, picky.

By Tom Rausch on November 24, 2009

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