Georgia Cracker Salad

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Georgia Cracker Salad Georgia Cracker Salad Recipe Courtesy of

Servings: 6 servings
Prep Time: 10 min
Difficulty: Easy

Ingredients Add to grocery list

1   sleeve saltine crackers
1   large tomato, finely chopped
3   green onions, finely chopped
1 1/2 cup mayonnaise
1   hard boiled egg, finely chopped





In a medium size bowl, crush the crackers, add all of the ingredients, mix well, and serve immediately.

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Reader Comments:


Your cooking has help lots of young ladies who did not have anyone to teach them how to cook. I was one of the ones who had mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and aunts to teach me. But I still LOVE your style of cooking, that is the way I was trained to things. But I too had a health, and that your boys have started cooking lighter it really helps. Hope to see you soon doing what like doing the must, COOKING. The Best to you and your family. A WALNUT TAN friend from the SOUTH.

By Jo Alyce bennett on August 24, 2013


Am Type II.the cracker salad sounds really good, but beyond me to eat it. I qit smoling 10 years ago and gained 45 pounds..I am 70 with arthritis and I need low cal recepies.LOVE vegies and fruit but I also admit to being a carboholic and love butter...HELP

By annie kelly on July 01, 2013


I was divorced for 23 years and my family Thought I was the best cook in the South Due to Paula Dean. Your get the recipes a So even I can understand them. When I was just divorced I was smoking a turkey And my fire went out in the smoker, I didn't have charcoal starter so I used paint thiner, so after wetting the charcoal down good with the thiner I lite it and shot our thanksgiving turkey in the drive way, set my deck on fire, and like to set my bottom on fire. Lesson learned. I love you Paula and God bless. I Andy family love your shows. Rickie Davis

By Rickie Davis on June 21, 2013


This was a favorite of my mother. She pass away in 1997 and this was a favorite lunch salad when I came home for lunch. She did not know how many crackers and that was my job. Thanks for the memories!

By Becky Craveb on April 12, 2013


At almost 85 yers old, I love food, love to cook and often remember dishes that my grandmother and mother made -- recipes that you frequently produce. I was so pleased when you published the Georgia Cracker Salad, as I did not remember exactly what it was, only that it was good, and SO EASY. Thank you for bringing it back. I thought crackers were added last. Whatever! You can vary it with a lot of things and that's fun.

By Barbara Logie on February 15, 2013


It would be most helpful if you would give the amount of carbs in these salads. Those of us with diabetes need to know that.

By Priscilla Burnsed on January 26, 2013


i made this last week ,going to make it again tonite,put some red and green peppers and used red onion ,more eggs and may cut back alittle on the mayo ,it was even good the next day,its a meal in a bowl

By linda on August 16, 2012


i made this last week ,added green and red peppers and red onion and a few more eggs,it was even good the next day ,going to make it again

By Anonymous on August 16, 2012


Paula, Have you ever made stewed tomatoes, my mother always made it in the summer and I loved it but I don't have a recipe for it. I know she put biscuits, tomatoes and sugar but I don't know what else. I love everything that you fix on tv. Betty Tudor

By betty tudor on August 09, 2012


Very Good. Just finished eating this salad for lunch (3 servings). This salad sounds familiar. While growing up, my family had a garden so we were always being creative with whatever we got from the garden (cucumbers on ritz crackers). This recipe is easy, simple and delicious. I added red onions, and red and yellow tomatoes (fresh from the garden). Although the crackers I used were saltines, I added salt and pepper too. Moneysaver; could be an inexpensive lunch. I would suggest to add the crackers when you are ready to eat your lunch.

By Grace H. on August 06, 2012


Thank you paula. I'm so proud of your healthier eating which had brought on your weight loss. Congrats

By Anonymous on August 05, 2012


I do not like mayo..and am thinking of substituting mayo with either olive oil or a light salad dressing. Or, how about a spicy mustard or even hummus?

By theresa on August 05, 2012


I am a huge fan..My family loved the chewy cake...You are an awesome lady.would love to meet you someday...God Bless the south for bringing you to us.

By tonja seidl on August 05, 2012


This recipe was posted on Paula's Facebook page today. Based on all the positive reviews I desperately wanted to give it a try. I had to revise a bit due to the ingredients on hand. I used Ritz crackers, no egg and red onion instead of green. I also added a couple dashes of garlic salt. Holy Cow!! It was SO good!! I had no idea it would be so filling and more importantly fulfilling. I am ready to try the recipe as is. Thanks for a great recipe.

By Tammy Fee on August 05, 2012


I have never tried any of your recipes but they sure look and sounds good to me. i'll have to write them down and try them i am always looking for some new recipes so this may help with trying something new for a change.

By tracey dodd on August 05, 2012


I do this, but with tuna. I never thought about eggs. YUM

By Paul Doster on August 05, 2012


I will try this - I would serve a scoop on top of a few lettuce leaves OR I think it might be good to up the boiled eggs to 2, maybe a dab more mayo due to that, leave out chopped up tomato -- and then QUARTER a whole tomato almost all the way through and serve a scoop of the salad DOWN IN the tomato. (somewhat of a stuffed tomato!)

By Sharma Comley on August 05, 2012


I've seen a similar recipe using buttery crackers (name brand not important) instead on a cajun cooking site.

By Melanie Jarrett on August 05, 2012


This salad is wonderful, it's a different twist. Even my kids love it, my 10 year old son doesn't eat lettuce but he ate two bowls of this!!

By Tracey Howle on August 05, 2012


what would you think about if i had some left over peas and some shredded chicken, do you think i could also put them in the georgia cracker salad?

By tina kafer on August 05, 2012

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