Canned Tomatoes

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Canned Tomatoes Canned Tomatoes

Servings: 2 (1 quart) jars
Prep Time: 20 min
Cook Time: 10 min
Difficulty: Moderate

Ingredients Add to grocery list

4-6 pounds tomatoes, blanched, cored, and peeled
4 tablespoons bottled lemon juice
1 teaspoon salt
2 (1 quart) Canning Jars with lid





Place tomatoes in a large saucepan, sprinkle with salt, and cover completely with water. Bring to a boil and let cook for 5 minutes. Sterilize jars and lids directly before using for 10 minutes in simmering water or in the dishwasher. Remove one at a time when ready to fill. Add 2 tablespoons lemon juice to each quart. Scoop tomatoes into the jars filling within 1/2 inch, then ladle the hot cooking liquid into the hot sterilized jars, filling to within 1/4 inch of the top. Wipe rims with a clean damp cloth and seal jars with lids and rings. Process in a boiling water bath (making sure water level is 1 inch over the top of the jars) for 10 minutes. Remove from water bath and allow to cool on the counter.

Serving Suggestion: Use these home-canned tomatoes in your favorite sauce or soup for a taste of summer throughout the year.

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Reader Comments:


10 mins? You need to follow tested guidlines. 45 min in a water bath is a minimum. If packed in there own juice its 1 hour and 25 mins.

By Anonymous on September 04, 2013


My mother always used the open kettle ,method. It always worked.I just canned 15 quarts of tomatoes,I added pepper and salt and a little sugar.I poured tomatoe mixture into hot jars and sealed then. Never had a problem.

By Beverly frebdak on August 23, 2013


The best recipe I have found for canning tomatoes! They were fantastic and I have shared the recipe with many others. The flawor is out of this world and taste like you just picked the tomatoes from the garden. I did not add water but use tomatoe juice instead. Love it. Jeanie

By Gloria on September 06, 2012


This is the best recipe yet. It's so easy to make. I love the idea of lemon juice. I use it it soup-especially in borscht, stews, chili, drink it ice cold and even with a shot of vodka in it. YUMMY..................Thank You.

By Alexandra Golovko on September 01, 2012


Ten minutes is FAR too little processing time for tomatoes even with added citric acid, especially if you live over 1,000 feet above sea level...the Ball Blue Book of Canning and the National Center for Home Food Preservation recommend between 40-55 minutes for pints, depending on altitude. Under-processing jars is a good way to give people food poisoning and possibly kill them, even if it has "worked for your family" for many years. This recipe is dangerous and irresponsible and needs to be altered to correct the processing time.

By Amy on August 30, 2012


You don't need to add water, the tomatoes supply enough on their own once they start to cook down.

By Steve on August 25, 2012


DL Foster - you'tr out of your mind. Quit trolling. I can can these tomatoes WITHOUT the bath, and it's just as safe, as long as they seal good. You're a moron.

By Anonymous on August 25, 2012


Always using this recipe this time of year..... Thanks Paula... Love your cooking shows... So glad I am a southern girl....

By PJ on July 13, 2012


Thanks for the canning tip for tomatoes.I appreciate it...

By debospell on June 06, 2012


When I lived in Okla. I had a huge garden with my ex. Now that I reside in Ct. I still have axcess to buying fresh produce and canning. Few years ago my son and 3 grandaughters made jelly and peach preserve. We went to an open market in Boston and came home and had such fun, they got to enjoy things that their daddy and i use to do and spend time with Gram-ma-ma making memories. I say fresh canned from one;s garden are just the best. Hugs Happy canning Rosie in Ct.

By RoseMarie Herdman on May 01, 2012


I need recipe ideas for canned tomatoes! I have 8 large jars of canned tomatoes and don't know where to start. Please HELP!!

By Priscilla on March 05, 2012


paula could you help me with jar fruits and canned goods homemade thanks

By Anonymous on January 25, 2012


My mother never canned tomatoes this way.She would clean them and boil to get the skins off cut into quarters and cook them. Them she would place them into hot clean jars place lids on them and we would wait to hear that popping sound. Thats how I did mine last year for the first time, and they were good all last winter we ate them all . As for the fellow who wanted tomatoes and bread just take your cooked tomatoes let them come to a simmer and put regular biscuits (not the flaky ones)in the pot with the tomatoes break them into bite size peices and add a little sugar and some butter ummmm good!

By Carol Blue on September 17, 2011


Instead of "blanching" my tomatoes, I get my gas BBQ screaming hot and put my tomatoes on the grill. It only takes a short time, I just keep turning until they start to char. I put them in a bowl and cover with plastic wrap or foil and cool to the touch. I pick them up and the skins just fall off and I place in my prepared jars. The "fire roasted" taste is fabulous.

By KayLyn Galvin on August 01, 2011


The method of canning tomatoes described here is rather dangerous and certainly not recommended. Proper canning procedures for tomatoes can be found at

By DL Foster on July 06, 2011


Do you pour the Lemon Juice in the jar first or mix with the Tomatoes?

By carmen on July 06, 2011


Paula once had a recipes with caned tomatoes and bread I think and I can't find it anywhear. it is one of her sones and hubbys favorite caned tomatos just eat it right of the jar could someone help me find this

By steve on March 06, 2011


I guess Paula and I must be the only two people who can our tomatoes this way. My grandmother and mother always used same recipe for tomatoes and our Italian recipes always come out great. I do not taste any difference in the recipes used with these tomatoes. I guess everyone has their own way of doing things though. It's always worked great for our generations of family.

By Anonymous on August 14, 2010


Paula uses a traditional Italian method of canning her tomatoes which calls for adding water. If you feel as though you would rather not add the water, then please follow your own heart. That's what makes recipes so fun! Everyone does something a little different. Happy Canning! Libbie Summers, Senior Food Editor for Paula Deen

By Anonymous on August 08, 2010


I agree with the lady from Tybee. I have been canning tomatoes for years and I never add anything in the jars except tomatoes and 1/2 tsp salt for pints and a whole tsp for quarts. I can not see putting water into jar with tomatoes. I love your recipes but this one is wrong sorry. Love your shows

By Anonymous on August 04, 2010

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