Mama's Eggnog Recipe by Paula Deen

Level: Easy

Time: 15 MINUTES

5 ratings


  • 1/2 pint bourbon
  • 1 pint heavy cream
  • 4 pints milk
  • 3/4 cup sugar
  • 6 eggs, separated
  • 1 tablespoon vanilla
  • nutmeg, pinch (optional)


In a bowl beat the egg yolks with the 1/2 cup of sugar until thick. In another bowl beat the egg whites with 1/4 cup of sugar until thick. In a third bowl beat the cream until thick. Add the cream to the yolk, fold in the egg whites, and add the milk, Bourbon, Vanilla, and a pinch of nutmeg if desired. Chill in freezer before serving.


Serve Eggnog in a large punch bowl.

Mama's Eggnog


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5 Reviews

Nelda 12/25/2014
This eggnog is F

This eggnog is FABULOUS!! How dare someone giving this recipe a low rating just because they don't like alcohol. If you don't like alcohol, then you obviously didn't try the recipe because it is an integral part of it. Don't force your judgment on others... simply leave out the alcohol but don't rate the recipe low because of your values. I absolutely LOVE this recipe and use it every year!

Rikki 12/24/2014
First time ever

First time ever making eggnog...delicious recipe! Easy to follow.

Nelda 12/5/2014
I have made this

I have made this eggnog recipe exclusively since I saw Paula make this on her show about 10 years ago. It is FABULOUS! But, don't count the's once a year! I would never make eggnog any other way.

P. S. It's ludicrous to rate a recipe low when you haven't made it because of the alcohol. Cooking is all about customizing food to your likes but you have to be a good enough cook to know that you can just leave out the alcohol without someone specifically telling you that you can! Don't rate recipes you haven't tried!

The PDN Web Team
The PDN Web Team 9/29/2014
Hi Frances, than

Hi Frances, thanks for your comment! You can just leave out the bourbon for this recipe. If the eggnog seems a little thick, just add more milk. Happy cooking!

Frances 9/26/2014
How would this b

How would this be made without the alcohol? I'd rate it higher if there was a non-alcohol version or adaptation included.

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