Know Your Eggs

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Know Your Eggs

By The Paula Deen Test Kitchen

If you aren’t able to raise your own chickens like Paula, then get the eggs you want from your local market. What’s the difference between a Conventional egg and Cage Free egg? We consulted the U. S. Department of Agriculture to clarify egg carton labels.

Conventional: Hens live in stacked cages, usually four to eight chickens to a cage with at least 67 square inches of floor space per chicken.

Cage Free: Hens live on the floor of a barn rather than the outdoors or in a cage.

Free Range: Hens live outdoors or have limited access to the outdoors.

Organic: Hens are fed vegetables grown without any antibiotics, growth hormones or commercial fertilizers.

Omega 3: Hens are fed a diet containing ground flaxseed, which produces eggs containing slightly more polyunsaturated fatty acids.

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Reader Comments:


Hi Paula, Was thrilled to see you on the cover of People Magazine at the grocery store. How terrific to have an investor helping with your big "Come Back"! Much success to you!!! Look forward to celebrating your new restaurant & shop in Pigeon Forge this summer. Was an avid fan of your cooking shows with your family & guests. I grew up on "down home" food & love to cook (when I have time) & bake especially at Christmas. Your shows were always an inspiration... KEEP SMILING, LAUGHING & COOKING FOR AMERICA!

By debcooksandstitches on March 04, 2014


Hi. I have a measureing question. There's a recipe that I would like to try that calls for an egg substitute, but all I had was real eggs. My question is this, aproximately how many eggs would be equal to one box of egg substitute? Thanks for all you help y'all. - Love you Paula.

By DustyRose on February 15, 2014


Miss you on the food channel...So glad you are showing up here & other places....I am on U-tube "The Barefoot Granny" & I try to tell women that we are the stronger sex. You are proving what I say to women... Keep up the good work.... AN OLE FAN OF YOURS FOR YEARS. Sandy

By Sandy Beard on September 29, 2013


What would be the best eggs to use?

By Belinda on June 05, 2013


How do you get the perfect boiled egg?

By Anonymous on April 21, 2013


Paula I love tootsie roles thank you for putting this recipe on facebook Im one of your biggest fans I can hardly wait to try this recipe. thank you so much ya all lol. As I always say Hasta La Pasta.

By CiCi Romero on December 07, 2012


Well it happened again....Why in the heck do some boiled eggs present such a problem when you try to peel them. Making my delicious deviled eggs is a pain in the rear many times. I bring to a boil. Turn them off. Let them set 10 mins. Then put in ice bath. I crack the shell all over.....then I start the peel on the flat end where the air pocket is located....sometimes it works...sometimes I'm a cussing the whole time and my eggs look like they have acne!!! Help Paula. I've got more eggs to make soon. Love you.

By Dixie Savage on November 26, 2012


Paula, How do you clean your egg when you first get them from your chickens?

By Marian on September 20, 2012


Have been reading this run on eggs- I'm an egg 'rancher'. Here's how you test an egg for freshness- get a bowl of fresh tepid water about 5-6 inches deep, enough for eggs to be covered by 4 in. 1-8 days old, an egg will lay on it's side. 9-14 days old, an egg will stand on it's end, still touching the bottom (THESE EGGS ARE PERFECT FOR BOILING) Most eggs are good for 4-5 weeks, but if you test them, and they float on top of water- TOSS THEM!!! To get a perfect boiled egg, easy to peel: Bring a pot with cool water- and eggs- not too crowded to a boil for acouple minutes. put a lep on it and turn off heat. Let sit for 10-15 min and then please in cold water. the shells will side off. Hope this helps

By Debra A Goff-Rose on June 05, 2012


My family just loves your family shows etc. I had left a message hope you get it but 2 bus loads of us from So. Baldwin Regioial Medical Center, at Foley, Ala (Senior Citizens,) not the mental patients! are pulling into Sav. Ga. Feb. 20, and please , please see if you can be there or one of your sons! That would be some good tv commercial, ! We already have one bus full and started the 2nd. and It is half full before Christmas. We will be in Saw. 21, Beauford22, 23 Paris Island: By the way the last time I was there my daughter of 46 was 2 years old; Her Father was there for a typing course! Leave 24! So , Hope to see you there; God Bless you and yours. Never let anyone or any thing change you!

By Mary LaCoste on January 08, 2012


I have a question about refridgerating your eggs. I always do, thinking we are supposed to, but a friend of mine doesn't. She just leaves them on her counter. Is this safe? Thank you, (from a Texan) Love you and your show! smile

By pamela stratz on January 08, 2012


I was seriously considering raising a few of my own chickens for the eggs. Now that I've read your article I have no doubt. This spring we will have Lucy and Ethel as new family members "chics" !!!

By Cheryl Huddleston on January 08, 2012


Ok so how so you hard boil the eggs if you have chickens at home? I can't peel my hard boiled eggs from my personal chickens. I end up destroying most of the egg while trying to peel it.

By Abbey on January 08, 2012


Which egg is the best?

By bobbie on January 08, 2012


If an egg has a double yolk in it do I consider it as one or two eggs in my baking?

By Beverly Lastinger on January 08, 2012


Brandy, Fresh eggs' shells are rough and chalky; old eggs are smooth and shiny.

By Lisa the Admin on December 28, 2011


I love your show. I love cooking with butter too. I once saw a show where you talked about measuring eggs as liquid. I want to know if I can use jumbo eggs in baking by measuring instead of always using large eggs.

By Joyce Sharpe on December 17, 2011


I was reading your FB page one day and you had a little note on how to tell if eggs were fresh or not...could you repost it somewhere...PLEASE thank you Merry Christmas to you and your family..

By Brandy on December 14, 2011


I enjoy nosing around your web site. While looking around your articles I checked out "Know your eggs". I was surprised you didn't note how to know when to throw out the eggs in the fridge and when it is ok to use them. I have always been told to put them in water and if they float - throw them out! If the egg stands on end at the bottom of the pan, they are getting old so use up quickly.

By TERRI MAHLER on October 18, 2011


We used to raise chickens but when we moved we sold them. We weren't sure we could have them at our new house. Fortunately, we found out that we can have them and plan on getting some soon. I miss my chickens, I miss them following me around everywhere and I miss the eggs. We fed our chickens grain, corn and scraps. We have cats and they'd come up to the house and eat cat food along with the cats. They ate good and they laid the best eggs! I can't wait to have chickens again.

By KarenR47 on September 09, 2011

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